This Week In Double-Speak (#1)

or Double-Speak, And Why We Will Love Paying More Tax And/Or Otherwise Subsidising The Wealth-Rorters Politics, and rorting an economy – It’s a game of semantics, and the bastards are so brazen and cock-sure now, that they barely try to hide it. Double-speak is more rife than ever, and is being used like a hammer to overtly pound propaganda and disinformation into the heads of the dumbed-down, confused, sedated, and easily-distracted masses.  Insulting enough; but so much worse due to the pathetic quality of the language used, and worse again because the brainless media and consumers thereof simply gobble it all up, … Continue reading This Week In Double-Speak (#1)

Rich Fuckers Are Eating The World

We live in an age of greed and obesity.  Where even ‘the poor’ are sometimes able to shovel into their gaping cake-holes far more than they could ever require for the purposes of nourishment. So it goes with the top-tier Men and Women of Calibre, that exclusive group of super-wealthy.  The 1%, the less-than-1%, the cap of the pyramid, the cream on the cake. I am not telling anyone anything they don’t already know.  But, for the sake of fuck, the richest of the rich are EATING THE FUCKING WORLD.  They are siphoning and leeching and slurping up everything of … Continue reading Rich Fuckers Are Eating The World