Hey, You Can’t Sell That!

  Privatisation (or privatization, for my North American friends) – it’s one of my pet hates. You cannot sell that which does not belong to you.  But that simple little rule of life is chucked out the window when you’re a government looking for some quick cash. In Australia, as elsewhere I’m sure, there has been a long list of companies and assets that belonged to the whole country, under the ‘management’ of the government of the time.  From the poles and wires of our national electricity grid, to the power stations that fed them; to toll roads (another of … Continue reading Hey, You Can’t Sell That!

Foxes In The Henhouse

ADDENDUM: I posted this back in February, and it is still valid, I think.  Since then, the foxes have been salivating at their seemingly endless menu of victims, and have eaten quite a few more helpless souls.  And the Number 1 fox, doing his utmost to divert attention from his and his government’s cruelty and ineptitude, has (in no particular order): declared war on Russia found and then lost a missing plane failed to retrieve ‘bodies, and parts of bodies’ (and save them from the ‘ravages of heat, and of animals’) that were disgorged from another plane in Ukraine and also declared … Continue reading Foxes In The Henhouse

Flaky Frisbees

Lots of commentary about the inflated purchase contract for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, as announced last week by the Prime Moron, Abbott. I could bang on about this for hours.  But, in six words: “it’s an expensive risky pointless waste”.  To sum up my view of the $12Billion contract for Australia to buy all these under-developed aircraft, and then pay the same amount again just to keep them operational, I reproduce a comment I just left over at Bob Ellis’ blog site: “I have stated in other forums that this is nothing more than an old debt to the US … Continue reading Flaky Frisbees