Narcissistic Billionaires – Re-Posted!

Dredged up from the archives, from before I was who I am today, this has been one of my posts of enduring popularity.  I think it gets lots of hits just because it has the word ‘fuck’ in it more times than it probably warrants, but there you go… Enjoy this old bit of junk from over 2 years ago.  Aaah, those were the days…   The world seems to be bubbling over with outspoken mega-rich individuals, promoting themselves and some delusional policy or social program, usually with painfully obvious self-interest at the core of their messages.  These people are … Continue reading Narcissistic Billionaires – Re-Posted!

The Easy Way Is The Only Way To Go

Some time late in the 20th Century, a concept for corporate, social, and environmental responsibility, known as the ‘Triple Bottom Line’ emerged as the widely-preferred method for operating a business or organisation. The idea was to give equal importance to the profits or savings that could be made, the social impact or contribution that could be offered, and the environmental sustainability of the activity. It was, as stated previously, the ‘widely-preferred method’ for how to operate.  In hindsight, it seems we were all fooled by hippies, ne’er-do-wells, social workers, and naive dreamers, who were all probably communists. Economists, CEO’s and … Continue reading The Easy Way Is The Only Way To Go

Heavy Lifting (Proof of Sociopathy)

So Abbott, AND his colleagues and team of advisers, missed a golden opportunity to demonstrate to the people of Australia that they, also, were doing their part in the ‘heavy lifting‘ that is required to rescue the nation from the fake budget emergency we are all afflicted with. The golden opportunity would have perhaps retrieved some of the ground lost recently in the populist stakes that are the unimportant opinion polls.  But, instead of grasping the opportunity to prove to Australia that even the top man on the block was feeling some financial ‘pain’ as a result of the ‘burden … Continue reading Heavy Lifting (Proof of Sociopathy)

Rich Fuckers Are Eating The World

We live in an age of greed and obesity.  Where even ‘the poor’ are sometimes able to shovel into their gaping cake-holes far more than they could ever require for the purposes of nourishment. So it goes with the top-tier Men and Women of Calibre, that exclusive group of super-wealthy.  The 1%, the less-than-1%, the cap of the pyramid, the cream on the cake. I am not telling anyone anything they don’t already know.  But, for the sake of fuck, the richest of the rich are EATING THE FUCKING WORLD.  They are siphoning and leeching and slurping up everything of … Continue reading Rich Fuckers Are Eating The World

The Sociopaths Are Running The Asylum

An Essay on Narcissistic Elitist Sociopathic Disorder & How To Kill It The Sociopaths Are Running The Asylum. And are we surprised? The tide has turned again.  The World is fighting against the progressive.  The old men on the corporate boards, the monopolist media committees, the political advisory units, the think tanks – and all the money-men who aspire to be like them – have slammed their collective fist on the boardroom table.  They have demanded that the groundswell be stopped. They’ve done this before. The shared fruits of the golden era of industry (and WW1, for the ‘winners’) were … Continue reading The Sociopaths Are Running The Asylum

America Fucked

The USA has officially ‘shut down‘.  It happened this afternoon. Well, the ‘greatest nation on earth’ is still operating, but ‘non-essential’ government services have ceased to operate.  That’s around 700 – 800,000 government employees told to stay home, without pay. America is fucked. All of this because the President (you know the guy: the Black Panther, the Kenyan Hawaiian Muslim dude with no birth certificate…) dared to introduce healthcare reform that offered improved health insurance coverage to millions of other Americans.  That commie bastard.  That socialist weasel. Also (mostly) because the Republican side of US politics (or at least most of … Continue reading America Fucked