Heavy Lifting (Proof of Sociopathy)

So Abbott, AND his colleagues and team of advisers, missed a golden opportunity to demonstrate to the people of Australia that they, also, were doing their part in the ‘heavy lifting‘ that is required to rescue the nation from the fake budget emergency we are all afflicted with. The golden opportunity would have perhaps retrieved some of the ground lost recently in the populist stakes that are the unimportant opinion polls.  But, instead of grasping the opportunity to prove to Australia that even the top man on the block was feeling some financial ‘pain’ as a result of the ‘burden … Continue reading Heavy Lifting (Proof of Sociopathy)

The Sociopaths Are Running The Asylum

An Essay on Narcissistic Elitist Sociopathic Disorder & How To Kill It The Sociopaths Are Running The Asylum. And are we surprised? The tide has turned again.  The World is fighting against the progressive.  The old men on the corporate boards, the monopolist media committees, the political advisory units, the think tanks – and all the money-men who aspire to be like them – have slammed their collective fist on the boardroom table.  They have demanded that the groundswell be stopped. They’ve done this before. The shared fruits of the golden era of industry (and WW1, for the ‘winners’) were … Continue reading The Sociopaths Are Running The Asylum