A Calming Musical Interlude #6 – An Ode to #DonaldTrump

This is great; discovered a song released in August last year, an ode (some might call it a ‘paradiddle’) to Donald Trump, called ‘a terrible shame‘, by the band from Wales called Christian Fitness. It has, quite simply, the best lyric of any song I’ve listened to this week: I don’t know, it’s just exceptionally funny… Anyway, there ain’t no YouTube video, the band being a somewhat ‘obscure’ side-project offshoot of other things, but there is a streamable audio thing from the band’s bandcamp site, should anyone wish to listen to the little funny ode/paradiddle while they re-read this highly engaging … Continue reading A Calming Musical Interlude #6 – An Ode to #DonaldTrump