Sharing The Spam #1

Comments from spam-bots get trapped in the web-log-machine – most of them make no sense whatsoever, but sometimes they’re a laugh, or are so nice that they make me lament that they’re not real… (insert sad face here)  Nevertheless, every single one of them gets churned back into cyber-ashes in a ruthless fashion. Until now. For whatever reason, at this late hour, I thought it might be nice to occasionally share.  So here’s the first shared spam, courtesy of a (shock! horror!!) porn-spam-bot: “Hi there, everything is going nicely here and of course every one is sharing information, that’s genuinely fine, keep … Continue reading Sharing The Spam #1

How To Boil An Egg (and Why)

Why is it good to boil an egg? It’s a good way to eat an egg It’s probably pretty good for you Suitable for vegetarians (ovo-type)/omnivores/carnivores (Not vegans – due to hen enslavement) Gluten free, if that’s a thing for you It’s FUN Of course, if you don’t like eggs, then this is probably of no interest, unless you like science and suspense and drama and a classic tale of love in dark times, in which case, read on… Ingredients/things needed: Egg or eggs, from a chicken or chickens Water Saucepan Thermal energy source Method/things that should happen: Place your … Continue reading How To Boil An Egg (and Why)