We Will Tsunami You

Australia is to develop a fleet of tsunami generators to wreak revenge on foreign powers who ignore this great nation’s pleas for clemency, PM abbott said on Sunday. He reminded Indonesia that Australia was “exceedingly generous and, aah, helpful” in the aftermath of the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami.  He further stated that if planned executions went ahead, Australia would “certainly find ways to make our displeasure felt.”*  When questioned on what those ways might be, abbott responded, with a sparkle in his eye, “those little buggers better know how to swim.  If they haven’t learnt from, aah, observing my stroke, well, … Continue reading We Will Tsunami You

Flaky Frisbees

Lots of commentary about the inflated purchase contract for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, as announced last week by the Prime Moron, Abbott. I could bang on about this for hours.  But, in six words: “it’s an expensive risky pointless waste”.  To sum up my view of the $12Billion contract for Australia to buy all these under-developed aircraft, and then pay the same amount again just to keep them operational, I reproduce a comment I just left over at Bob Ellis’ blog site: “I have stated in other forums that this is nothing more than an old debt to the US … Continue reading Flaky Frisbees