Hello, and welcome.

Thanks for visiting.

This site used to be a blog, a web-log, whatever.  Then for a long time I had no idea what it was or how I should use it.

I’m still not sure.

At the very least, it is a place where I put stuff, on my own terms.

Enjoy it, whatever it is.

Feel free to contact me either through comments under posts and pages or by e-mail, WickBurner@shitsgottastop.com.


Wick Burner



29 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you very much for following! I am a sworn enemy of crap, so since the enemy of your enemy is your friend, you get me as follower!

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  2. Thank you ASAS for following Tubularsock.

    Tubularsock only follows other websites that he is willing to read and after reading through a number of your insightful positional rants it would be impossible not to follow your work. Fucking awesome material and Tubularsock loves your direct approach of exposing the bull shit.

    Tubularsock does much the same thing from his top floor corner office in his underground bunker overlooking Washington, D.C. from Oakland, CA.

    So like any new relationship let’s see what happens next!

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    1. Well, Bowrag, this probably means that you have immaculate taste in reading materials and just can’t tear yourself away from my … whatever this is.
      Feel free to hang here for as long you can bear it!
      Thanks for visiting.

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    1. Well, hello! OM working his magic again…

      You’ve just connected successfully. I will crank open the air-lock and secure our docking portal forthwith.

      See you in there!

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    1. And thank you, and likewise, on all counts! Apologies in advance for offensive language and similarly offensive thoughts put into words that might become pixels on your screen… 😉

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      1. Lol! No worries I drop the occasional f-bomb on my site when I’m ranting 🙂 No need to edit yourself and if it turns out someone is trying to edit you, let me know and I’ll tell them to fuck off…Cheers! 🙂

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      2. Gold! Much appreciated. You’ve just rocketed to the top of my list of potential recruits for a virtual army of web-log bodyguards… Cheers to you!

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