It’s Just The Trust
COVIDSafe App Not Detected – Access Denied

Apparently over a million people have already installed the Australian Government’s COVIDSafe contact tracking app.

I’m sure there are people and situations that might warrant such an app, to protect oneself and one’s family, if you’re operating in the kind of environment that enhances your risk of contracting something.  I’m not here to pile shit on people who have been attracted to the idea of downloading and using this app.

I’m also not here to bleat about privacy concerns related to the app.  Who doesn’t already know that there already exists an already-active system of tracking and tracing and metadata storing?  Who doesn’t already know that if ‘they’ or someone fulfilling that role wants to find you or unearth you or shame you or incriminate you, then this can already can be done, with or without a warrant?

So it’s not ‘privacy’ that will keep me from using the app.  It’s experience.

Just take a look at the goons pushing it, promoting it, reassuring us it’s good and fine and OK.  As well as the armada of goons responsible for protecting us so far.  Well, if that’s enough comfort for you, good luck to you.

Health Minister, Greg Hunt
stuart robert
Minister for Government Services, Stuart Robert
peter dutton
Peter Dutton, Minister for Stopping the Boats, but don’t mention the Ruby Princess

If you’d like an explainer on why the current government is not be trusted on anything to do with data, then check here.

On top of a history of ignoring its own laws, ignoring the protections afforded whistle-blowers, ignoring freedom of the press, ignoring concerns over the evolving surveillance state and just sweeping up everything it can from every available source – on top of all of that, the job of harvesting, storing, managing, disseminating all of the data from COVIDSafe has been off-shored to the giant servers and data management experts of Amazon.


To believe that, if push came to shove, your rights, your data, your privacy, your contribution to the pandemic response, is worth shit to the government trying desperately to get us all on-board, then maybe it’s time to up the dosage of whatever it is they’ve got you on.

From direct personal experience, from the inside, from the outside, as a cog, as a client, this current brand of bastards (namely the L/NP coalition government of 2013 – present, and all of its ancestors) couldn’t be trusted to manage and protect anything worth a damn.  And if your petty concerns get in the way of their current agenda, they will crush you like a bug, in the name of their glorious all-powerful, mutually-obligated bureaucracy.

I don’t trust the bastards.

I also have very real concerns about how this pandemic/economic situation is going to be used to excuse a wide range of assaults on society and environment – maybe some of them already underway.

I have seen no reason to trust the bastards.

I also have concerns.  Did I mention that?

Everything I have seen inspires complete distrust.

And for that reason alone, on top of the others, and as well as everything else, they can shove their app where the sun don’t shine.

Also, I don’t have one of these – what did you call it? – a smartphone?  No, sir, don’t have me one of those fan-dangle smart-phone thingies, nope, no sir, no way.  Ayup…

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4 thoughts on “It’s Just The Trust

  1. Hell! I don’t even have a ‘dumb phone’, much less a smartphone and so if it’s going to come down to that, they can indeed, “shove it where the sun don’t shine.” I was about to argue with someone on their blog who was going on and on about how the government was taking our rights away. I told him that American descendants of slavery have no rights; never did and never will and then dude informed me that we all could receive chip implants. I’m like, “Seriously??!! Dude, they’ve no need to implant a chip directly inside you, they’ve planted them in those smartphones that none of you can do without. Not to mention, they’ve also put a chip in your bank card and hell, we may already have them inside us. You know, happened by subtle means.”

    Suffice it to say, I just let dude go on thinking that he had the ‘right NOT to get a chip implant.” He’ll sleep better at night beside his smartphone and his chip implanted bank card.

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    1. Ha!

      I think that horse has already bolted, so we can put the tin-foil hats away now. As you say, we’re already swimming in it, chips everywhere and almost-total surveillance. Holy hell, it would take months of planning to go ‘off-grid’ for a day or two…

      As for putting things INSIDE US, well, they’re not about to tell us if they’re going to go that far. Swarms of micro-drone robot mosquitoes, descending on the whole population to inject THE CHIP while we sleep by the cold light of our always-on connected devices…. I’ve just given myself a nightmare…

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