A Soothing Bed-Time Read

Apparent Predictive Writing by Dean Koontz from ‘The Eyes of Darkness”

From sources you should probably ignore, if you are complying with the ‘necessary measures’ – I share a piece on the current viral situation, entitled ‘COVID-19: What They Don’t Tell You’.  The author is “a man with an internet connection”.

Make of that what you will.

Just FYI, I’m operating on the following basis:

  • Assuming infection rate is 100 x the reported rate (not trusting the numbers)
  • Adopting semi-self-isolation measures (just in case, protecting the home/bunker)
  • Making the most of the situation.  I am getting shit done.
  • Assuming much of the barrage of coverage is wrong or outright BS
  • Concerned at what else might be happening under cover of the panic
  • Alarmed at the ease with which almost-total compliance was achieved

Make of the piece what you will.  I didn’t write it.  Just sharing, man.

I found it at ‘Rabbit-Hole Central’: Miles Mathis’ ‘Updates’

Now, make of THAT what you will.

Anyway, here it is (opens in new window), click to read:

COVID-19: What They Don’t Tell You


Yours in a state of apparent-over-reaction-but-you-just-never-know,

Wick Burner


10 thoughts on “A Soothing Bed-Time Read

  1. Now Wick, why is Tubularsock not surprised?

    As odd as this should be ………. IT’S NOT!

    Tubularsock is going to have to read the book to see how the story ends.

    AND maybe write a sequel to make the ending more to Tubularsock’s liking.

    Until then …….. keep low on the radar!

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  2. And seems like some of this is “true” and some of this may not be so “true”.

    However, CNN isn’t always the best source for “truth” but it is what it is …………

    TRUTH is just one of those things that is made up as we go. No really, that’s the truth!

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    1. Aah, Tubularsock, thank you! An unintentional and accidental premonition. But of course! – and it reminds me of the million monkeys on a million typewriters thing…
      It also reminds me of the metaphysical idea that if you imagine something, it becomes a reality (and that would explain why the world is such a calamity), maybe decades or generations or centuries later…
      As for this ‘truth’ you speak of, well, I’ll leave that to higher authorities, because I am completely lost on that one! And THAT’s the truth!!

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  3. Thanks for following ~burning woman~ and I find those copied articles up above… “verry interrrestink” as Arte Johnson would put it…. “but vill it verk?” Yes indeed it worked beyond the manipulators’ wet dreams. As you put it, “Alarmed at the ease with which almost-total compliance was achieved.” That’s what got me going the other way right off the bat. I live in Bible belt (Canada style but same old) and when I saw how quickly the Christian businesses shut down and sent their employees packing to unemployment, I immediately smelled a 28.5 pound rat.

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    1. “it worked beyond the manipulators’ wet dreams” – that is just chilling to consider.
      Now the temptation to turn societies on and off at will, in order to drain treasuries for all the stimulus and bail-out money (that only ever ends up in the banks’ hands anyway), will be difficult to ignore. Meanwhile personal savings, future savings, current enterprise and creativity, all evaporate. Seems it’s all just more wealth-shifting to the narrow end of the pyramid…

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