Happy 4th

Don’t Tread On Me, I’ll Fall Apart

Happy Fake-Independence Day, you Dis-United States.

A mighty nation owned by its own bank, still controlled by colonial aristocrats whether you like it or not, manipulated by those same bankers and aristocrats, along with actors and economists and corporate moguls and peddlers of bullshit and bridges for sale.

Not to mention the war-mongers and oppressors and suppressors of all opposing views and ideologies.

I said I wouldn’t mention them…

Anyway, enjoy your fireworks and your fake history, your stealth fighter fly-overs and your bankrupt genius weird orange puppet man butt-fucking any perceived pretense that the office of President has any meaning at all.

Stay deluded, dudes.

Of course, to all the Americans who are woke to all that, Happy 4th of July, I hope things get better, for you and for us all.

Yours in Delusions of Independence,

Wick Burner


2 thoughts on “Happy 4th

  1. Wick, Tubularsock figures you have forgotten that SLAVERY is FREEDOM!

    Wow, how silly are you to have forgotten a basic tenet of U.S. DEMOCRACY.

    Now if you don’t mind Wick, get back in line.

    Oh, did Tubularsock mention …….. “God Bless Amerikkka”?

    Can’t wait for the 5th!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the reminder Tubularsock!

      How remiss of me to forget that WAR is PEACE, and all those basic things upon which your great Union is built…
      I will resume my position in the ranks.

      Only a few hours until the 5th for you (I’m already there, and it IS better) – Hang Tough!!


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