I Read The News Today [EDITION 1]

news tickers

I can’t be the only one who is noticing news headlines and stories that directly contradict previous recent headlines and stories about the same issue.  Surely not.

I can’t be the only one who suspects there is a link between all the polls and opinions being wrong, and all the news articles and ALL CAPS headlines that confuse and contradict.  Maybe not.

One week the housing bubble is about to burst, and interest rates can only be going up.  The next week there are record low house sales and interest rates have remained stable. A month later there’s an economic meltdown coming because all the empty apartments are owned remotely from China, and interest rates are destined to rise…

Last check, the housing market has stabilised and interest rates were dropped to a record low.

That’s just one example of the barrage of contradictory shit being hurled at us every damn day.  A trivial one at that, but it couldn’t be avoided.  That was news that everyone needed to see and hear…

It’s being done universally and ubiquitously, and I should probably start to document it, or something, because I can’t keep up, if I could care for most of that shit at all to begin with.  Surely someone else is already doing that, yeah?

Meanwhile, we have dodgy photos released showing some people (Saudi military or CIA, who the fuck knows.  Are they even any different?) pretending to be Iranian Navy SEALS, or some such, allegedly attaching limpet mines to Norwegian and Japanese tanker ships (because, clearly, it takes a cast of 10 or more to stick a magnet to a magnetic thing).

fake iranians

And this could be all it takes to kick off a new wave of bomb-flinging in the Middle East (like there’s ever a day without some flinging of munitions in the Middle East as it is).

Because, you can’t trust a President to not start a bullshit war:

drumpf iran tweet 2012

Meanwhile, allegedly declassified video of US Navy pilots detecting and observing ‘actual’ UFO’s back in 2014 or so has hit the webs, and it makes for most interesting viewing.  The videos are only 2 minutes long or less – perfect for our modern attention span.






Also, an alleged essay from an alleged ‘staff physicist’ at Lockheed Martin on that topic, basically admitting, allegedly, that these type of UFO are definitely not within the realms of human achievement.  Because, “I do work on aerodynamics at Lockheed Martin … and have a few friends from the Skunkworks division here. Whenever I have tried to ask them about the feasibility of black projects resulting in these aircraft, they flat out say that our engineering methodologies are not far enough developed to build such craft.

Because the dudes from Skunkworks would definitely just tell you if that is what they were working on…

Regardless, the essay makes most interesting reading as well, so check it here: !DEAD LINK! What are the most plausible explanations of Navy pilots seeing hypersonic objects at 30K feet, objects with no visible engine and sometimes described as a cube within a sphere? !DEAD LINK!

UPDATE 22 June 2019 about 24 hours after I published this, the essay/comment of the ‘Lockheed Martin staff physicist’ was scrubbed from the web (seemingly along with his LinkedIn and other presences…).  His essay/comment can now be found at the following reddit links: Anyone have a copy of that Quora thread with the staff physicist from Lockheed Martin? and/or That Quora post by the physicist at Lockheed Martin talking about the Navy pilot UFO sighting has been deleted.

And the associated CBS article from late May is worth a read if you’re keen: U.S. Navy pilots reportedly spotted UFOs over East Coast

Anyway, that’s some of what I’ve been noticing and reading in what substitutes for ‘news’.

Yours in a self-contradictory screaming headline, patiently awaiting WW3 or the alien invasion,

Wick Burner


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