Venezuela – Paper Jaguar

Trust Us, We Know Bad Guys When We See ‘Em

I don’t know much about Venezuela.  A high proportion of beautiful women, allegedly – a ‘fact’ I learnt from media coverage of Miss Universe pageants in the 80’s and 90’s.  They also have vast oil reserves, apparently.  The country is also ecologically rich and exceptionally diverse in its native plants and animals, according to the usual fact-providers.

Of course, right now Venezuela is hitting the news, at some level, and only when convenient to do so, due to ongoing ‘political turmoil’ and the chorus of Western supremacist voices telling us in very urgent voices that Socialism is bad and there’s a very bad Socialist President who rigs elections and is starving his people who needs to be replaced with some other Venezuelan person more to the liking of the aforementioned Western supremacists and their bands of sycophantic adherents and promoters, who will ride in, likely atop a US Army Hummer, and save the people and enact a new democratic wonderland of opportunity and happy shiny things.

I was watching a YouTube video earlier, entitled ‘The Real Reason The US Wants Regime Change in Venezuela‘.  It’s not from the Wall Street Journal (OSS/CIA) or Pravda (KGB/FSB), so unlike them it’s pretty close to true on many of its assertions.  Give that a watch for some good background and context on where things are at, minus the bits that imply that the partly-ousted President, Maduro, is a pretty good guy compared to other world leaders of various stripes (hint: every one of those ‘glorious leaders’ and ‘duly elected representatives’, in actual fact, has rivers of blood on their hands, and didn’t get where they are by being good people).

I read the comments under that YT video, as I know I shouldn’t… and replied… which I almost never do…  But for some reason, I felt a rush of blood after the eleventy-ninth instance of ‘socialism bad, democracy good’, and blurted out a rapid-fire correction to one of these types.  I don’t usually wrap up my perspective as effectively and succinctly as this, so in finishing this post, I provide my YouTube comment below (which I think is about the closest thing to the truth, sans any evidence or journalistic clout, that you’re likely to read about poor old Venezuela):

I’ll fix this for you: “Venezuela is in real trouble due to stupid socialist policies.”, should read, ‘Venezuela is in real trouble due to a combination of corrupt politics masquerading as idealistic socialism, and foreign intervention in the form of sanctions and other impositions by oligarchs masquerading as capitalists pretending to care about the citizenry of a sovereign nation while actively working to cripple that nation and thereby create decades of military-industrial profit stream and fodder for global propaganda exercises designed to maintain the viability of the wealth separation status quo.


I don’t know much about Venezuela.  But one thing I can be sure of is that almost everything we are being told about Venezuela is highly suspect, to say the least.  Venezuela continues to be used as an enemy-of-convenience, this time for an easily-led puppet US President and the been-there-done-that ‘Global Robber Baron Merchant Oligarchy'[© Wick Burner 2019] (or whatever they are) that pull his strings – and Venezuela will likely become another utterly pillaged and preyed-upon car-crash.  Rest assured, though, that everyone is acting in the best interests of their respective bottom lines, and innocent people are being swept up in it all and lives are being destroyed, which is all AOK, apparently.

wiki venezuela recognition map
Blues v Reds, Left v Right, East v West…  who’d have guessed?..

Another year, another regime change built on bullshit.


Wick Burner

3 thoughts on “Venezuela – Paper Jaguar

    1. But I thought the US was energy independent now?! Weaving their own regal gowns of many colours, from spun shale-oil polymers, getting all tarted up for the next Vogue cover….

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