A Lesson For The Kids – Earworm 001

phar lap
Never Look A Gift Horse In The Hermetically Sealed Glass Box

Some words from a song have wormed their way into my skull, and they are bouncing around in there:

In northern Michigan there was an incident in winter.

A horse was hit by lightning, began to speak in a foreign language.

When he was finally understood,

he repeated “humans are no good”.

So they shot him behind the shed,

and stuffed him.


He’s now on display,

as a lesson for the kids,

to always do your best.

Do your best,


That’s from ‘Half Sister’, a really quite good 2017 song by protomartyr (or their wiki page).  They are a band, and you should probably check them out if you like that kind of thing.

There’s no video for that song, but, for the sake of providing content in this voracious virtual sphere, there is an almost-equally-good song, also from the rather good Relatives in Descent album, that does have an official video, which just so happens to also be rather good, so please enjoy:

Yours on the bright side,

Wick Burner


© 2019

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