All The World Is A Stage

…And We Are The Stooges

When you thought you had reached peak conspiracy (and then rejected almost all of that as mere diversion), and then discover the possibility of there existing a whole new level of nefarious activity perpetrated at a level that makes run-of-the-mill conspiracy and boring old collusion look like sandbox time in the kindergarten, …well, that’s been 2017 in a nutshell for this particular solitary observer.

There came a time in the early months of this year of our lord when I began to realise that I was experiencing a particular reaction to ‘current events’ (present and recollections of past) on a recurring basis and at an ever-increasing frequency.  That reaction was: “That’s gotta be bullshit”, or “This cannot actually be really what is happening”, or words to that effect.  The events I reacted to in this way included election results (of course), ‘terror events’, ‘lone-wolf’ massacres, political machinations and motions, geopolitical plot twists, etc.

I was beginning to have long-standing ‘idle suspicions’ transformed into an expanding understanding that, quite possibly, almost everything you care to turn your mind to in terms of ‘modern history’ has been a staged event manufactured to achieve a beneficial result of some kind for some kind of beneficiary.  Further it was becoming evident that such a degree of ‘fakery’ must be part of a planned series of events orchestrated by very powerful groups and designed to achieve very lofty long-term goals, otherwise it would surely have been snuffed out by an uprising or a legal decision or a regal or papal decree or similar.  To exist as an ongoing operation, the fakery machine must have already grasped control of the legals and the regals, and the papals, as well as the currencies and workhouses that fed and sheltered them all.

We are talking about the classical ‘Octopus’ analogy.  Tentacles reaching into every possible avenue of gratifying feedback.  It’s crackpot territory.  Tin-foil bulk-buy time.

While I imagined that The Octopus might actually be a thing in our real world, but that perhaps it was tempered by the institutions of democracy and justice and the will of the people, that it was a struggling attempt by old power to cling on to their ego-driven parasitism as a way of life, …  While I was thinking that, it turns out that the beast in question is actually The Super-Kraken, with many more tentacles, and much further reach and influence than I had ever cared to entertain, as well as being far more successful than I ever gave The Octopus credit for.

That’s where I’m at on where things are at.  At this particular juncture.  Pass the tin-foil.  It’s aluminium origami time.

This is mega-conspiracy.  This is the falsification of events, as they happen, and of history, as it is re-told.  This is where I wish I had bought those penny stocks in the tin-foil sector.  This is my worst and most outlandishly fanciful thoughts on how this corrupted world is steered appearing to have been a gross under-estimate of the state of play.

I’m sensing that a reader of this might rightly ask, “what the fuck are you dribbling about?”.

I’m NOT dribbling about the “#FakeNews” that’s in the ‘news’ of the recent months – that itself is fake and new and a cover for the real fakery.

I’m dribbling about the very real potential that a network of global elite responsible for manipulating events for their own gain and at others’ expense actually exists, and that this network is many centuries old and still operating at a level we could barely comprehend because it is so pervasive and all-encompassing that it could very easily melt your brain.

That’s where I’m at on where things are at.

Imagine, if you will, that almost every major event or historical plot twist you can recall was a manufactured, staged, faked operation orchestrated by a cartel of the intricately-connected rich and powerful to achieve whatever their short- and long-term aims might be.

That’s where I’m at on where things are at.

Imagine, if you will, that the generally-accepted belief of ‘normal people’ that we live in a ‘democracy’ was completely false – that what we actually live in is a fiefdom managed by industrialists posing as kings and dictators and popes and presidents and prime ministers and long line of aspirants to all of the above.

That’s where I’m at on where things are at.

Imagine, if you will, that a network of ‘agencies’, usually of the ‘military-industrial’ type, primarily aligned to the aforementioned ‘network of global elite’, enacts the will of that same elite while posing as arms of the publicly-funded ‘government’, playing chess with the planet and the lives of billions for superficial material and ideological gain.

That’s where I’m at on where things are at.

It’s heavy shit.

It’s highly disturbing.

But that’s where I’m at.

That’s the rabbit-hole I’ve been hunkered down in.

It’s heavy shit.

But, of course, all of that could be bullshit.


Yours in a state of disturbance,

Wick Burner


6 thoughts on “All The World Is A Stage

  1. Wick, welcome. Don’t put down your coat Tubularsock will be taking you with him on stage. Relax, LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION.

    Isn’t this just grand ……. yes life is a stage and we each play a part. No, there is no intermission. You play to the end.

    But just think of the popcorn WITH fake butter of yellow chemicals. Sure taste like butter if anyone knows what butter ever tasted like.

    Tubularsock loves your new “awakened-play”.

    We can start with it anytime because the story is already in progress ……….

    No, Tubularsock is not going to spoil the ending for you but we’ll all get dead!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve been around the block a few times myself… More clarity presently than ever before.
        Hawke/Keating was about when I started to notice non-delivery of promises as a too-common occurrence that laid bare the rhetoric that fogs politics in a ‘democracy’. I’ve not believed a politician since. I’ve hoped one would be good if they got elected, but never again ‘believed’…


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