Freedom Believing In Nothing

dark matter_crop-stretch-flip
Dark Matter.  It’s Nothing.  Believe That.

Follow the timeline of the progression of belief.  In most cases the timeline is a peak and trough cycle, bouncing along and through an array of philosophical or ideological concepts, from the peak of total dedication to the trough of complete severance, and back again.

Many times the adherent discovers, at some stage, the Big Lie behind what they believe in.  Then the divorce proceedings commence.

Then a new belief is needed.  To fill the void.

The cycle is complete, and then it commences again.

The World is full to overflowing with things you could believe in, like ‘trickle-down economies’, or ‘democracy’, or any nation-founding myth you care to choose, or that sky-fairies control and/or intervene in our personal destiny, … or ‘manifest destiny’, or celebrity, or any ‘-ology’, or science, or self, or that you are an indestructible cybernetic organism with lasers for eyes.

Name a thing, any thing, that you could choose to believe in.  Now look for the Big Lie.

It’s there.  Sometimes you have to dig around a bit.  But it’s there.

The Advice: Don’t believe in anything anymore.  A Theory Of The Moment and a small arsenal of Alternative Pet Theories is all you should need.  Anything else is probably just a lie.

There’s a freedom in believing in nothing.


Yours in disbelief,

Wick Burner


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