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Just A Cog In The Death-Eater

Who are “they”?  Specifically, I am referring to “THEY”, as stated (usually with double finger dynamic double air quotes) in quasi-questioning, quasi-all-knowing tones in conversations about the acts and motives and strategies of the shadowy and nebulous collective of individuals sometimes accused of ‘running the show’.

Whoever the fuck “they” are…

You know them, though (even though you don’t know them…).  “They” are “the powers that be” (“TPTB”), “the elite”, “the 1%” (in reality, much more like ‘the 0.05%’), the “one world government”, “The Illuminati”, the “New World Order”, the “military-industrial complex”, “Intelligence”, a “secret cabal”, “old money”, … whatever label suits your current theory, I guess.

I have usually avoided using “they” (especially with air quotes; but also admit to having occasionally utilised both in certain situations) and, most recently, I am in the mode of applying “Intelligence” as my label of choice for the currently-active broad-spectrum total-control mechanism that is ‘running the show’.

But, that’s me.  And others have other ideas about things of this nature.  And many of the available options only adequately describe just a portion of the whole ‘machine’, however you might imagine that to be a thing, or they are diversionary terms that don’t help us actually identify who is ‘behind the curtain’ (“The Illuminati” and/or “Skull & Bones” and/or the “Council on Foreign Relations” being prime examples of that.  Yes, The Illuminati is a thing.  But it is [probably] only a stage act and screening program, mostly for shits-and-giggles, and a giant red herring for the easily-distracted and gullible.)

So I’ve been wasting synapse detonations and neuron switches (occasionally and casually only, of course) on determining a better descriptor label for “TPTB”.  “They” has become tired and too easily connected with the negative connotations of ‘conspiracy theory’.  For all these reasons, I want a better word to apply to “they”.

After an exhaustive audition process and a public vote by SMS promoted by a reality TV show watched by millions of morons, ‘Them‘ is the word that I suggest is a better descriptor label.  Here is what it means:

them (ðɛm, ðəm/)

  1. used as the object of a verb or preposition to refer to two or more people or things previously mentioned or easily identified.
  2. <archaic>

For definition 1, applying ‘them’ as the identifier for “they” is correct and appropriate, as demonstrated by the list of names previously mentioned above and currently applied this context.  It doesn’t work so well for easily identified, but I excuse this because words have power and although we can’t identify who “they” might be (although many can readily guess), the word “they” has come to be a very adequate identifier in the right context (and with the appropriate application of air quotes or dramatic tone).

For definition 2, it is also correct and appropriate to adopt this label, as it is widely known that any collective of individuals of the nature being described here are very focused on ‘themselves‘.

When we say the word “them”, it can also easily bear a tone of dismissal and disapproval, in that latter context.  “Them” is someone else, it’s not us, and we don’t like “them”.  “People like them don’t like people like us“.

Therefore, from this point on, I will be applying “them” as my all-inclusive pronoun label for the various tiers and tentacles and outlets of the freedom-hating, power-and-control-loving, progress-stifling death-eaters, whatever mask might be worn by “them” in the appropriate context at the time.

It might not seem a big deal – it’s only semantics, sure.  But words have power, and words can then have that power co-opted.  I think that is what has happened to “they”.  “They” is one of many catch-cries of the crackpot conspiracy theorist, after all…  I’ll change one letter in my label and everyone will suddenly think I’m a very rational member of society who only thinks what they’re told to think by “them”, just like everybody else.

What’d I tell you?  Words have power.

Yours, not theirs, you know, them, over there, them,

Wick Burner

P.S. – This post is my 223rd on this here shitty li’l web-a-logue.  223 is 322, reversed.  322 is a number employed in the heraldry of The Order of The Skull & Bones, as seen in the post image.  Some peeps think numbers have power, too.

P.P.S. – Has anyone ever needed to use that many quotation marks and inverted commas?  I sure hope I applied them appropriately…

P.P.P.S. – I hate “them”.

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