Doing Us Slowly

kathy griffin trump head
Not Gonna Happen

The players and the parasites, devoid of anything even close to a sense of ethics or a moral compass, are circling with their jaws agape, waiting to take advantage of the chaos-borne debris created by the Drumpf-circus.

Dreams of impeachment or resignation or beheading by Kathy Griffin are no more than that.  The fake battle to take down the fake president will lurch along for months and years, a term or two, perhaps.

The old money and the new money, casino masters of ill-repute, siphoning off the spoils.

Jesters poking the bear, hoping to catch a stray gold sovereign.

Almost nobody doing anything real to oppose it – only words and more words.  (Like these words, just words – what else can there be when all the tables are rigged?)

It’s all a farce, I tells ya.  A farce concocted by the supplanters of the peers of the realms of yore, and propped up and its furnaces stoked by the idiocy of the deluded of today.

And they’re happy to do us slowly.


Wick Burner

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