They Eat Vaquitas, Don’t They?

vaquita_a plastic one (demo model mockup photo)
Cute, Tastes Like Dolphin

Yes, yes they probably do, if given half a chance.

You would too, if money was no object, and was no object for all of your circle of friends, and you are bored and in need of a culinary thrill beyond that offered by the new special surprise sauce in the very latest disney-movie-branded Happy Box ™.

You are rich and you are bored, and so are all your friends, and you are incapable of empathy with almost anything.  You are a vapid sociopath and a consummate parasite with zero conscience.

So go ahead.  Book yourself a spot at the Yacht Club Banquet Room After-Midnight Special Event, where endangered species abound on the menu, by invitation only.  Vaquitas.  Get ’em while they’re hot, they’re lovely.


They eat vaquitas, don’t they?

Of course they do.  You know they do.


Wick Burner

Image note: That photo is a fake.  The ‘vaquita’ is a plastic model, mocked-up with the net ‘for educational purposes’.  Evidence of same found in the comments here.

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