Gemstone – The Photostat Dump [Pt. 2]

And So Chaos Ensued

Welcome back.  Straight into it, kiddies….

Interesting Excerpts From A Skeleton Key To The Gemstone File (cont’d)

The Hit

November 1,  1963:  The hit on JFK was supposed to take place in true Mafia style: a triple execution, together with Diem and Nhu in Vietnam.  Diem and Nhu got theirs,  as scheduled.   Onassis had invited Jackie for a cruise on the Christina, where she was when JFK got tipped off that big “O” planned to  wipe him out.  JFK called Jackie on the yacht,  from the White  House, hysterical: “Get  off  that yacht if you have to swim” and cancelled  his appearance  at  a  football  stadium  in  Chicago, where  this  CIA-Mafia assassination  team  was  poised for the kill.   Jackie  stayed  on  board, descended the gangplank a few days later on Onassis’s arm,  in  Turkey,  to impress  the Bey,  Mustapha.

The  JFK murder:  Onassis-Hughes’ man Robert Maheu reassigned the Mafia-CIA Castro  assassination  team to the murder of JFK adding  Eugene  Brading  a third  Mafia hitman from the Denver Mafia Amaldones “family”.

Lee  Harvey Oswald (CIA) with carefully planned links to both the ultra right and  to  the Communists was designated as the patsy.  He was  supposed  to shoot Governor Connally and he did.

Each of the four shooters,  Oswald,  Brading,  Frattiano and Roselli had  a timer  and a back up man.  Back up men were supposed to pick up the  spent shells  and  get rid of the guns.  Timers would give the signal to  shoot.  Hunt and McCord were there to help.  Sturgis was in Miami.

Frattiano  shot from a second story window in the Dal-Tex  building  across the  street  from the Texas School Book Depository.  He apparently used  a handgun-he is an excellent shot with a pistol.   Frattiano and his  back-up man were “arrested”,  driven away from the Dal-Tex building in a police car and  released (without being booked).   The Dallas police office is in  the Dal-Tex building.

Roselli  shot  Kennedy once hitting the right side of his head and  blowing his  brains out with a rifle from behind a fence in the grassy knoll  area.  Roselli and his timer went down a manhole behind the fence and followed the sewer line away from Dealey Plaza.

The  third point of the triangulated ambush was supplied by Eugene  Brading shooting from Kennedy’s left from a small pagoda at Dealey Plaza across  the street  from  the  grassy knoll.  (Brading missed because Roselli’s and Frattiano shot had just hit Kennedy in the head from the right and the rear nearly simultaneously).  Brading’s shot hit the curb and ricocheted  off.  Brading was photographed on the scene stuffing his gun under his coat.  He wore  a  big leather hat,  its hatband marked with large  conspicuous  X’s.  (Police  had been instructed to let anyone with an X-marked hatband through the  police  lines.  Some may have been told they  were  Secret  Service).  After his shot,  Brading ditched his gun with his back-up man and walked up the  street  toward the Dal-Tex building.   Sheriff rushed up  to  Brading, assuming  he was “Secret Service” and told him he had just seen a man  come out  of the Book Depository and jumped into a station wagon.  Brading  was uninterested.  Brading  walked into the Dal-Tex building to “make a  phone call”.  There  he was arrested by another deputy sheriff,  showed his “Jim Braden” driver’s license and was released without being booked.

Oswald shot Connally twice from the Texas School Book Depository.  He split from the front door.  His back-up man was supposed to take the rifle out of the building (or so Oswald thought); instead he “hid” it behind some boxes, where it would be found later.

Three  men dressed as tramps picked up the spent shells from Dealey  Plaza.  One was Howard Hunt.  Then they drifted over to an empty boxcar sitting on the  railway  spur behind the grassy knoll area,  and  waited.  A  Dallas police  officer ordered two Dallas cops to “go over to the boxcar and  pick up  the  tramps”.  The three ‘tramps’ paraded around Dealey  Plaza  to  the Police Department in the Dal-Tex Building.   They were held there until the alarm  went out to pick up Oswald;  then they were released,  without being booked.  In all, ten men were arrested immediately after the shooting; all were  released  soon  after;  none were booked;  not  a  word  about  their existence is mentioned in the Warren Report.


Regarding  Lee Harvey Oswald:  Officer Tippett was dispatched in his police radio  car  to  the Oak Cliff Section, where Oswald  had  rented  a  room.  Tippett  may have met Oswald on the street.  He may have been supposed  to kill Oswald,  but something went wrong.  Tippett was shot by two men using revolvers.  The “witness”, Domingo Benavides, who used Tippett’s police car radio  to report “we’ve had a shooting here”,  may have been one of the men who shot him.  (A Domingo Benavides appears in connection with the Martin Luther King shooting also.)

Oswald  went to the movies.  A “shoe store manager” told the  theatre cashier  that  a  suspicious looking man had  sneaked  in  without  paying.  Fifteen  assorted cops and FBI charged out to the movie theatre to look for the guy who had sneaked in.  Oswald had a pistol that wouldn’t fire.  It may have been anticipated that the police would shoot the “cop-killer” for “resisting  arrest”.  But since  that didn’t happen,  the Dallas police brought Oswald out for small-time Mafia Jack Ruby to kill two days later.

Brading  stayed at the Teamster-Mafia-Hoffa-financed “Cuban Hotel”  in Dallas.  Ruby had gone to the Cabana the night before the murder, says the Warren  Report.  The  rest,  as they say,  is  history.  Onassis  was  so confident of his control over police,  media,  FBI, CIA, Secret Service and the  U.S.  Judicial System that he had JFK murdered before the eyes of  the entire nation;  then systematically bought off,  killed off,  or frightened off  all witnesses and had the evidence destroyed;  then put a 75 year seal of  secrecy over the entire matter.  Cover up participants included  among many:  Gerald  Ford on the Warren Commission (a Nixon  recommendation):  CIA attorney Leon Jaworski,  of the CIA front Anderson Foundation, representing Texas  before  the Commission to see that the fair name of  Texas  was  not besmirched  by  the  investigation;   CIA-Dallas  Chief  John  McCone,  his assistant; Richard Helms; and a posse of police, FBI, news media, etc.

Post-Mass Trauma

After JKF’s death,  Onassis quickly established control over Lyndon Johnson through fear.  On the trip back to Washington, Johnson was warned by radio relayed from an air force base; “There was no conspiracy, Oswald was a lone nut assassin.  Get it Lyndon?  Otherwise, Air Force One might have an unfortunate accident on the flight back to Washington.”

Onassis  filled all important government posts with his own men.  All government agencies became means to accomplish an end:  rifle the  American Treasury,  steal  as  much as possible, keep the people confused and disorganized and leaderless;  persuade world domination.  JFK’s  original “Group  of 40” was turned over to Rockefeller and his man, Kissinger, so that  they could more effectively take over South America.

Onassis  has  always  enjoyed the fast piles of money  to  be  made through  gambling  (in Monaco,  in the 50’s and in  Cuba  under  Batista).  Onassis  took  over Las Vegas in 1967, via the “Hughes” cover.  U.S. Government officials explained that it was alright because “at least  Hughes isn’t the Mafia.”

October  1968:  
Jackie Kennedy was now “free” to marry Onassis.  An old Mafia rule: if someone welches on a deal, kill him and take his gun and his girl: in this case, Jackie and the Pentagon.

June 17,  1969:  Bobby Kennedy knew who killed his brother; he wrote about it in his unpublished book,  The Enemy Within.  When he foolishly tried to run for President, Onassis had offed, using a sophisticated new technique: hypnotized Sirhan Sirhan shooting from the front, “security guard” (from Lockheed  Aircraft).  Thane  Cesar shooting from two or three inches  away from  Bobby’s  head from the rear.  Sirhan’s  shots all missed.  Evelle Younger, then the L.A. District Attorney, covered it all up including the squawks of the L.A. Coroner Thomas Noguchi.  Younger was rewarded with the post of California Attorney General later.  His son, Eric Younger, got a second generation Mafia reward; a judge-ship at age 30.  (See Ted Charach, L.A. author and director, The Second Gun, a documentary film on the RFK murder, bought and suppressed by Warner Brothers for more details)

After Bobby’s death,  Teddy knew who did it.  He ran to Onassis afraid for his life and swore eternal obedience.  In return, Onassis granted him his life and said he could be President, too, just like his big brother, if he would behave himself and follow orders.

End of Part 2

I stupidly charged into this thinking it might be a two-part thing, but, NO.  We move into the 1970’s in the next installment, and reach the conclusion of the Gemstone chronology.

Stay tuned; Part 3 (!) on it’s way…


Wick Burner

Note – The ‘core’ Gemstone File that the Skeleton Key component is derived from, as well as transcriptions of other Roberts material, and a veritable rabbit-hole of other Gemstone-related material, can be read here: The Real Gemstone File.

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