Gemstone – The Photostat Dump [Pt. 1]

No, Not The Jack The Ripper Diaries

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What Is Gemstone?

Way back in the mid-seventies, a little cottage industry arose in certain parts, where schools and libraries and offices were having their drum duplicators and photostats and Xerox 2400’s used to reprint and distribute a condensed version of what was originally over 1,000 messily handwritten pages of notes and letters, known as The Gemstone Files.  The condensed synopsis that ended up being distributed all around the world was called A Skeleton Key to the Gemstone File.  This grass-roots distribution campaign introduced The Gemstone Files to the world, and woke a few peeps up.

The Gemstone Files was the work of one Bruce Porter Roberts, an aggrieved and seemingly very well-connected individual who was perhaps unwittingly initiating an ink-ribbon/analogue version of a Wikileaks ‘dump’, for a bit of vengeance after allegedly having his synthetic ruby invention stolen by the Hughes Corporation (hence the name ‘Gemstone’) in the late 1950’s.  Or so the story goes.

From The Early Paragraphs Of A Skeleton Key:

Roberts,  studying  journalism and physics at the University  of  Wisconsin learned  these things via personal contacts.   His special interest was  in crystallography  — and  the  creation of synthetic  rubies,  the  original Gemstone experiment.

And From ~1960:

Roberts  brings  his  synthetic rubies–the original  gemstones  to  Hughes Aircraft in Los Angeles.  They steal his rubies — the basis for Laser beam research,  laser bombs, etc., because of the optical quality of the rubies.  One  of the eleven possible sources for one of the ingredients involved  in the Gemstone experiment was the Golden Triangle area.    Roberts was married to  the daughter of the former French consul in Indochina.   In that  area, Onassis’s  involvements  in the Golden Triangle dope trade was  no  secret.
Roberts  investigation revealed the Onassis-Hughes connection,  kidnap  and switch.   “Gemstones”–synthetic  rubies  and sapphires  with  accomplished “histories”–gemstone papers–were sold or given away to consular offices– in return for information.   A world-wide information network was gradually developed-a  trade of the intelligence activities of many countries.   This intelligence  network  is  the source for much of the  information  in  the Gemstone File.

The Files claim that its rich troves of secret information are sourced from the aforementioned personal experience and information from connections, with much of that arising from the bizarre ‘gemstones with histories’ used to trade for information around the globe [*really?*] in the extract above.

Later entries are allegedly sourced in part from covert tape recordings and overt conversations held in a somewhat notorious spook haunt called the Drift Inn in San Francisco, where Roberts claims to have also ‘performed’ for said spooks with a regular ‘conspiracy rap’ (so very 60’s/70’s San Fran…).  The compiled Files, or sections or individual ‘letters’ from within it, eventually found themselves in the hands of select individuals in powerful positions (e.g., Hoover, Nixon, apparently) and this was enough to change the political and legal courses of American history, influencing elections, ending or advancing careers, and creating situations at the Watergate inquiries.  No small claims.

The Gemstone Files outline events from the early 1930’s through to the mid-70’s, just before Roberts died in 1976.  His files, all thousand plus pages at least, were by then already in the possession of Mae Brussell, a conspiracy researcher who began drawing attention to the contents in her radio program.  Brussell was interviewed by Playgirl writer, Stephanie Caruana, who then distilled the contents of much of the files into ‘A Skeleton Key…’.

The Gemstone Files have been described as “a composite of critical data principally exposing the collusion of the American overworld with the American underworld” (The Circle, by Steve Shagan).

Any Veracity?

Quite Bond-esque in some ways, and with its shadowy and impossible-to-confirm back story, it would be easy to dismiss and ignore.  The remarkable nature of The Gemstone Files is that, unlike many other ‘grand conspiracy theories’, it’s very difficult to totally debunk it or poke major holes in it.  It has been pointed out that some sections appear to be from other sources initially and have been ‘absorbed’ into the narrative by Roberts; so this says that Roberts ‘filled in the gaps’ with elements from other sources (including some lifted straight out of relevant newspaper articles, so, actual events and happenings), and he also speculated and made assumptions along the way, if only in order to draw ‘rational’ conclusions from other snippets.  So, yes, it has some failings.

But more effort has gone into ignoring or outright dismissing The Gemstone Files rather than disproving and discrediting its claims; debunkers find very few soft targets within Gemstone (although there are a small number which are seemingly too far flung or have been somehow credibly discredited), and most only utter the occasional dismissive “it’s all junk and lies”.  Subsequent investigations that have interviewed living named actors in Gemstone are one other source of attempted debunking, but only by virtue of the denials of said actors, whose first and only response to allegations of this nature would be, of course, to deny (or admit complicity on the public record in grievous criminal acts).  The Gemstone Files states that person X was in place Y on date Z, dancing the tango, and there ain’t nobody really to say that that’s not true.  It’s very direct; it names names, and it explains, with some degree of veracity, the who-what-why-where of a 40-odd year time period in the history of a major criminal enterprise.

How Real ?

I don’t subscribe to all of The Gemstone Files, either in terms of some of its inferences and rationale for its claims, or even in regard to some of its fundamentals, and I think it ignores some very big parts of the wider story.  That said, while it is far-reaching in its scope and breadth of claim, it does not claim to be all-encompassing; this was supposed to be one person’s gathered intelligence from this one person’s place in relation to the players and the relevant events, so one is obliged to allow for some myopic observation and perspective.

All that being said, I am sure it contains truth, in kernel form as well as in specific details.  The parts I put stock in may even have elements I find a little off, but the crux is what’s important; the specifics that reveal a probable truth.  A truth that is often more believable than the ‘accepted truth’, which we probably all know is always not the truth…

So in the interest of sharing the gloom, I’ll include here some excerpts from A Skeleton Key to the Gemstone File, the typed and machine readable version that attempted to distill and crystallise the key components and timelines from Gemstone itself and appeared in many of the book and magazine versions it has been published in over the years (see below for a link to [part of] the ‘core’ or original Gemstone Files).  A summary, but the Skeleton Key is all you need to start.  In fact, it’s very much more than you need.  Well, you make up your own minds.

So, yeah.  Snuggle up under your fluffiest blanket and settle in for some reassuring bedtime reading:

Interesting Excerpts From A Skeleton Key To The Gemstone File

In The Beginning

1932: Onassis,  a  Greek  drug pusher and ship owner who made  his  first million  selling  “Turkish  tobacco” (Opium) in  Argentina,  worked  out  a profitable  deal  with  Joseph Kennedy,  Eugene Meyer,  and  Meyer  Lansky.  Onassis  was to ship booze directly into Boston for Joseph  Kennedy.   Also involved was a heroin deal with Franklin and Elliott Roosevelt.

1934: Onassis,  Rockefeller  and the Seven Sisters (major oil  companies) signed  an agreement,  outlined an oil cartel memo:  Beat the Arabs out  of their oil, ship it on Onassis’s ships; Rockefeller and the Seven Sisters to get rich.  All this was done.

Before, During WW2

1936-1940: Eugene Meyer buys the Washington Post,  to get our news Media; other Mafia buy other papers,  broadcasting,  T.V., etc. News censorship of all major news goes into effect.

1941-1945: World  War  II;  very  profitable  for  Onassis,  Rockefeller, Kennedys,  Roosevelts, I.G. Farben, etc. Onassis selling oil, arms and dope to both sides went through the war without losing a single ship or man.

Bizarre Howard Hughes Stuff

1956: Howard Hughes, Texas millionaire, is meanwhile buying his way toward his own personal gain.   He buys senators,  governors, etc. He finally buys his last politician: newly elected V.P. Nixon, via a quarter-million dollar non-repayable loan to Nixon’s brother Donald.

Early 1957: V.P. Nixon repays the favor by having IRS Treasury grants tax-free  status (refused twice before) to “Hughes  Medical  Foundation”,  sole owner of Hughes Aircraft, creating a tax-free, non-accountable money funnel or laundry, for whatever Hughes wanted to do.  U.S. Government also shelved anti-trust suits against Hughes’ T.W.A., etc.

March 1957: Onassis carried out a carefully planned event:  He has Hughes kidnapped  from his bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel,  using Hughes’ own men  (Chester Davis,  born Cesare in Sicily,  et al).   “Hughes” men  either quit,  get fired,  or stay on in the new Onassis organization.   A few days later,  Mayor  Cannon  of  Nevada  (now senator  Cannon)  arranges  a  fake “marriage” to Jean Peters,  to explain Hughes’ battered and  brain  damaged in  the scuffle,  is taken to the Emerald Isle Hotel in the Bahamas,  where the entire top floor has been rented for thirty days and later dragged  off to  a cell on Onassis’s island,  Skorpios.   Onassis now has a much  larger power  base in the U.S.  (the Hughes empire),  as well as control over V.P. Nixon  and other Hughes purchased politicians.   L.  Wayne Rector  “Hughes” double since 1955, becomes “Hughes”.

September, 1957: Onassis calls the Appalachian meeting to announce to U.S. Mafia  head  his  grab of Hughes and his adoption of Hughes game  plan  for acquiring power:  buying U.S.  senators,  congressmen, governors, judges to take control legally of the U.S.  government.  Onassis’s radio message  to Appalachia  from a remote Pennsylvania farmhouse intercepted  (reluctantly) by  FBI’s  J.  Edgar  Hoover,  on  the basis of a tip-off  from  some  Army Intelligence guys who weren’t in on the plan.

Kennedys & Cuba

Also in 1957: Joseph Kennedy takes John F. and Jackie to see Onassis on his yacht,  introduced John and reminds Onassis of an old Mafia  promise:  the presidency for a Kennedy.  Onassis agrees.

1958: Hordes  of  Mafia-selected,  purchased and supported “grass  roots” candidates sweep into office.

1959: Castro takes over Cuba from dictator Battista,  thereby  destroying cozy  and lucrative Mafia gambling empire run for Onassis by Meyer  Lansky.  Castro scoops up 6$ million in Mafia casino receipts.   Onassis is furious, V.P.  Nixon  becomes operations chief for CIA-planned Bay of Pigs invasion, using CIA Hunt,  McCord, etc., and Cuban ex-Battista strong-arm cops (Cuban freedom-fighters) Martinez,  Consalez,  etc., as well as winners like Frank Sturgis (Fiorini).

1959: Stirring  election battle between Kennedy and  Nixon.   Either  way Onassis wins, since he has control over both candidates.

1960: JFK elected.   American people happy.  Rose Kennedy happy.  Onassis happy.  Mafia ecstatic.

January 1961: Joseph Kennedy has a stroke,  ending his control over  John and  Bobby.   The  boys decide to rebel against  Onassis’s  control.   Why? Inter-Mafia struggle?  Perhaps a dim hope of restoring this country to it’s mythical integrity?
They began committing Mafia no-no’s:  Arrested Wally Bird owner or AirThailand, who had been shipping Onassis’s heroin out of the Golden Triangle (Laos,  Cambodia,  Vietnam),  under  contract  with  the CIA  (Air  Opium): arrested teamster Mafia Jimmy Hoffa, and put him in jail.  Declared the 73$ million in forged “Hughes” land liens, deposited with San Francisco Bank of America,  as  “security” for the TWA judgement against Hughes, to be what they are: Forgeries.

April 1961: CIA Bay of Pigs fiasco.  Hunt, McCord, CIA Battista’s Cubans and  Mafia  angry about JFK’s lack of enthusiasm.  Mafia Onassis  has  his right-hand man “Hughes’ top aid” former FBI and CIA Robert Maheu  (nicknamed “IBM” for Iron Bob Maheu), hire and train a Mafia assassination team to get Castro.  The  team  of a dozen or so includes John Roselli and Jimmy  (The Weasel) Prattiano, expert Mafia hitmen, assisted by CIA Hunt and McCord and others.  This was reported recently by Jack Anderson, who gets a lot of his “tips”  from  his  friend, Frank (Fiorini) Sturgis–also  on  the  Castro assassination  team.  The  team  tries  five  times  to  kill  Castro  with everything  from long-range rifles to apple pie with sodium morphate in it.  Castro survives.

1963: Members  of  the  Castro  assassination  team  arrested  at   Lake Pontechartrain,  La.  by  Bobby Kennedy’s justice boys.  Angered,  Onassis stops  trying  to kill Castro.  He changes target and goes for  the  head: JFK,  who,  according to Onassis,  “welched” on a Mafia deal.   JFK sets up “Group of 40” to fight Onassis.

End of Part 1

Stay tuned; Part 2 on it’s way…


Wick Burner

Note – The ‘core’ Gemstone File that the Skeleton Key component is derived from, as well as transcriptions of other Roberts material, and a veritable rabbit-hole of other Gemstone-related material, can be read here: The Real Gemstone File.

Image Note – Photo source: a modified crop of an image found on The letters of Bruce Roberts, which is also at The Real Gemstone File rabbit-hole.  Used under a ‘Thank you, gary, I hope you don’t mind’ license.

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