Things To Do Now


You know what it’s like when you need something and you just can’t find it?  For the life of me I can’t find paper & pen anywhere.  Weird.  So I’m just posting a little to-do list.  Please excuse the intrusion…



  • Buy/acquire (more) weapon/s [Done. 3/17]
  • Stock up on:
    • water
    • foodstuffs, non-perishable
    • misc. general supplies/consumables (household)
  • Buy:
    • food/medical grade iodine [Done. 2/17]
      • – actually not ‘iodine’; Potassium Iodide, thyroid blocking agent
    • vitamins B, C, D, misc. minerals
    • pack/cargo bag suitable for escape pack (home) [Done. 2/17]
  • Check/refurbish as needed:
    • escape/’get home’ pack (in car) [Done. 3/17]
    • camp gear/tools/implements
    • helpful info/books
  • Commence assembling escape pack (home) [Done. 2/17]
    • refresh research, edit/write new list [Done. 2/17]
    • write a ‘procedure’
  • Reconnaissance of local/afield locations

‘Longer term’:

  • Fuel storage
  • Home/personal security enhancements
  • Cache en-route development


A work in progress, so will edit as the need arises.

If there’s anything obviously missing, someone’ll lemme know yeah?

Wick Burner

4 thoughts on “Things To Do Now

    1. Absolutely! – How could I have overlooked this!?
      Aah, memories…. I recall my bunker tour like it was a couple of years ago…
      I can HIGHLY RECOMMEND the tour, and the kit, to all survivor-types.
      Thanks Tubularsock!

      Liked by 1 person

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