Controlled Demolition

Ayup… nano-thermite, baby. Works every time. You wouldn’t read about it…

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into tall buildings, I got the itch to do me some renovatin’.

New site name, new theme, and maybe some renewed focus, or something, courtesy of the refreshing ambience of my palatial new surrounds.

The demolition of the old format went exactly according to plan, and was under the complete control of my crack team of mercenary charge deployment and detonator insertion specialists at all times.

The rebuild seems to have gone OK, too, and nothing is missing.  Amazing what a multi-billion dollar insurance payout can buy in this stressed economy…  A few tweaks needed here and there, and this here Freedom Tower is now launched.

Your friendly, freshly-trained aspiring commercial pilot with very short-term career goals,

Wick Burner


Common Law Copyright ©1973-2017 Anno Domino by Wick Burner© a limited liability persona. Common Law Copyright, as above, ©2012-2017 Anno Domino for the ‘But The Shit Won’t Quit’ internet site/s – PLEASE SEE FOOTER OF ANY PAGE FOR FULL COPYRIGHT STATEMENT

2 thoughts on “Controlled Demolition

  1. WB, Tubularsock does like your new digs but Tubularsock notes here, that from his lack of testing, Tubularsock has found no trace elements of nano-thermite in your dust. But there are signs of Kremlin activities in your basement areas.

    These factors have be reported to your insurance carrier Silverstein Associates.

    Oh ……….. and have a nice day.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for administering the clean-up, Tubularsock! You have the method perfected – no test = no trace. Wonderful!
      Now we just need to eliminate those pesky Reds, and lock down our corrupted systems before Wikileaks orchestrates a massive dump…. 🤐


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