It’s Just A Lurch To The Right

This Will Only Hurt For Several Years


Fuck the political left-right pendulum;

Fuck the two-party, no-choice system.

One step forward, two steps back;

Progress knocked clean off its track.


Oh well, it’s well deserved,

In the general sense of the word.

The backlash, though, indiscriminate;

Delayed, perhaps, or imminent.


We’ll see, soon enough,

As the going gets rough.

Or delusions continue,

while the shields block the view…


We’re lucky it’s all just a game,

That some of us win, all the same.

While the rest of us lose,

So it’s easy to choose.


For the thrill of the fight,

It’s just a lurch to the right.



Wick Burner

© CopyRIGHT 2016, All RIGHTS Reserved, You Have The RIGHT To Remain Human, It’s Good To Be RIGHT, Wick Burner Is Always Right, Contact via To Inquire As To Rights.  Right?

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