Apparently That Was Not Just A Bizarre Dream. Oh Well, Moving On Then…


I really thought, for a period of some days, that maybe this bizarre occurrence was all just a very lucid dream that had me and the whole rest of the world in its thrall like some extra-terrestrial planet-scale hypnosis ray-gun of mesmerising doom.

But no.

So now, with some 50-odd days of pre-potential-whatever, here we all still are.

Let’s all see how the shit shakes out.

Everyone is just guessing right now.

So much blah, blah, yada, bluuurrh.  It’s tedious, at best.

I’ll not add to that any further.  For now.

I shall ferret around some of your web-logs, and then be back at a juncture completely of my choosing, according to the whims and alignments of the celestial objects of convenience.

Until then-ever, fare thee well…

Wick Burner

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