Help, I’m In The Rabbit-Hole

A facebook friend, coincidentally also an actual friend, shared the following video to their page thing the other day, and so I watched it, being the sucker for a good conspiracy theory that I am.  Now I’m submerged in the 9/11 ‘research quagmire’, again…

Should probably check if this clip has been debunked, but if you watch this while thinking “everything we know is wrong, and everything is fake”, well, don’t say I didn’t mention the rabbit-hole, and don’t blame me when you’re up well after 3a.m., skilfully dodging the reptilian shape-shifting world domination conspiracy sites in search of more ‘proof’ that 9/11 was just about the biggest heist/hoax/joke on all of us in recorded history.

Oops, where’d the wing go?  Where’s all the bits of plane falling down the face of the tower?  None of this shit adds up.

To help you squeeze yourself down into the warren, here’s just a few of the links I’ve been scanning with my eyeballs while I should be sleeping: is an excellent resource for all manner of things I may or may not adhere to, when it’s up; it seems to get taken down in blasts, DDOS-style – a WordPress blog page I just stumbled upon – old-school-style forum, a deep well of varying perspectives and scenarios, and plenty of tangential commentary


Wick Burner

17 thoughts on “Help, I’m In The Rabbit-Hole

  1. Tubularsock doesn’t believe ANYTHING! Anymore.

    From Tubularsock’s understanding the face of the twin towers was aluminum not steel so his premise is incorrect.

    And two, Tubularsock would have to spend time to know for sure the true position of the “wing building”. And Tubularsock doesn’t really care. Another fake video or not makes little difference at this point. We ALL KNOW the entire narrative is a lie so find something more positive to do with your time ……. Tubularsock suggests drinking!

    Thanks Wick!

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    1. Indeed, indeed, indeed. Yes, the face of those towers – whether aluminum, steel, or even aluminium (!) – isn’t critical structural support, and is little more than a skin. Either way, I strongly suspect that a few major ‘bits’ of plane should not have made it through the skin – winglets, cowling, elevators, rudder, whatever…
      But yeah, armchair research IS actually a futile endeavour, whether you follow the money, the political intent, or the hidden agendas, there is just too much disinformation, too many false leads.
      I love your advice, to drink, and will pursue that idea vigorously – only good can come of it. 😉
      Thank YOU, Tubularsock!


  2. I think 9/11/01 falls into the cruel joke category. The days and years following 9/11 have certainly been cruel and mostly unusual punishment. Merciless wars of naked aggression replete with ungodly genocide and then there’s the torture, illegal rendition, illegal detention, and that’s just the ante.
    The perpetrators of the 9/11 farce haven’t been held to account and that’s about as cruel a joke as can be found anywhere around our Planet.

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    1. Tubularsock does agree with you Don BUT Tubularsock can’t say there is much difference between before and after in terms of “Merciless wars of naked aggression replete with ungodly genocide and then there’s the torture, illegal rendition, illegal detention” except that after 9/11 we just started to brag about it.

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    2. What better way to inject some vigor into the Amerikan ‘program’, than with a big old in-your-face fraternity prank that just so happens to kill/damage/mentally break lots of people in the process and set the tone for a few decades of gloriously profitable war-on-everything-that’s-not-us? What a great idea!
      A cruel joke, for sure, but most of us still don’t get it, and I don’t hear anyone laughing. But then again, maybe I just don’t move in the right circles – I’m sure *someone* finds all of this VERY amusing…

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      1. Interesting analogy Wick, “fraternity prank”. But instead of all the sorority sisters getting fucked it is ALL OF US GETTING FUCKED! Tubularsock just loves Sigma Fuk Gamaray House!

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      2. Profit! That’s what makes amerika grate. Profit from misery, military/industrial collusion, and narcissistic megalomania. Now how one might get the amerikan sheeple to wake the fuck up and smell the corruption, I haven’t figured out anything that works to date.

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      3. Well Don, Tubularsock does think that this is a long shot but the ” amerikan sheeple” may wake up right after the Oscars if their favorite actor doesn’t win!

        Revolution will only take place when the people have reached their last straw!
        Viva la Hollywood. Long live Warner Brothers!

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    1. To be honest, I don’t know what to believe about most things… So I don’t hang my hat on any particular ‘theory’.
      The whole thing is a massive wedge, with the truth buried somewhere between valid concern for the victims’ families, the recoil against the tragedy itself, and the genuine need for ‘closure’.
      A big old mess that has divided opinion for a decade and a half, and you can be sure we will probably never know the ‘real’ truth… Sometimes you do have to just pick a side and run with it, I guess.


    1. Thanks very much for the reblog, sojourner!
      I’ll follow this post up soon with a solid debunking of the ‘wing behind the building’, and other thoughts on that event that have occurred to me since publishing, for whatever they are worth…
      Thanks again!

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      1. Glad to!

        I had never seen this particular video before.

        This added to the long list of why I know, not believe, that 9/11 was planned out long before it was carried out!

        I’ll look forward to your next post!

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