I Love Guns

This Is A Picture Of Toy Guns Sold To Future Real Gun Owners

What a horribly inappropriate title for a blog post.  On a day such as it is…  Please bear with me.

It’s true – I love guns.  I also fear them immensely.

I’ve had the opportunity to ‘play’ with some guns at various junctures – L1A1, M-9, M-16, M-60, Steyr AUG (F88), blah, blah, blah.

They are all marvellous devices.  Machining and engineering marvels.  Devastatingly efficient at what they were built to do.  An adrenaline buzz to hold and strip and clean and re-assemble.  And an unrivalled adrenaline super-rush to shoot.

But they shouldn’t really even have to exist, for the most part.  Given what they can so easily do.

And something is very wrong, seemingly, from afar and through many filters and different lenses, with the psyche around guns in the USA.

Almost as though the birth process of what it is today has re-routed the synapses of a nation, or powerful entrenched parts thereof.  Almost as though establishing and building a nation on the back of so much gunnery and normalised violence for two and a half centuries or more has blinded people to the imminent and very real threat of parts of people being exploded by high-velocity brass-jacketed lead at any given time and place.

The ‘problem’ over there on yonder side of the Pacific is unlikely to go away any time soon, especially as we all ramble toward some kind of new insanely detached format of perpetual global war on slightly-browner people in countries they don’t deserve to own anymore.

What to do about the ‘problem’ is something that the good people of the USA will need to determine.  But that would seem almost insurmountable, with a deeply-infused militaristic component of society and the associated celebrations of foundational gun-fights, and celebrity-status serial killers and gangsters.

Maybe Civil War 2 is all that might change things…

Until then the rest of the world gets to watch with bemused shock at every new demonstration of disaffected ‘freedom’.

If I could throw one morsel of advice, it would be this: The Wild West is for encyclopedias, wikipedias, movies, shows, and theme parks.  Or, if y’all want to bear arms, then use them in anger against your real enemies, foreign and domestic.  Be the beacon of freedom, liberty, justice, peace, and progress that you were marketed as, America.

Wishful thinking, I know.

Yours in disbelief that so much innocent blood continues to be shed in the Land of the Free for such bullshit reasons, defended and excused by ‘people’ with no respect for life,

Wick Burner

7 thoughts on “I Love Guns

  1. While their may in fact be a “constitutional right” to keep and bear arms, there is NO constitutional right to bullets. After all guns don’t kill people, it’s the goddamn bullets that come whizzing out the end of guns that kill people.
    No bullets and problem solved.

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    1. Sweet baby Jeebus, you’ve done it!
      Maybe that’s what Hope Change & Close Guantanamo has planned for his next Executive Action – banning bullets. Followed by a nation-wide amnesty for gun-toters to hand in their bullets and then be escorted into FEMA camps and sized up for their stackable plastic coffins and taken away on trains… Or so I read on the internets.
      The future is bleak….

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  2. Happy people don’t kill each other. Violence breeds violence. A country thats first line of defense is to bomb other people sets a poor example of communication with others.

    That is the sad reality. Would Tubularsock feel safer with only the cops and the military able to have guns …….. nope.

    Tubularsock will take his chances with his fellow citizens with guns as nutty as they are becoming. It may be smart to stop idealizing killing at all levels but Tubularsock doesn’t see that happening.

    No, nuts are nuts and if you have our government putting guns in the hands of groups like ISIS and then becoming surprised at the outcome, well THAT IS NUTS and it’s coming from the top down. Kind of a trickle-down-nuttiness.

    Maybe we should just stop having people work in office buildings in little cubicles. Talking about slow death!

    Have to stop so Tubularsock has time to polish his bullets! Cheers.

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    1. Tube, dude, I know… It’s a terrible paradox, or something. I know for almost-certain that if I was to suddenly decide that moving to Washington State or Colorado was a great idea, one of the first stops between airport and newly-acquired log-cabin, or Aspen chalet, would be a gun shop. But I’m not then about to go and shoot some kids in the face with it…

      Too many nuts, so much nuttiness, and, as you say, it’s raining nuts on everyone from every direction that should know better. You guys (and all of us along with you) are screwed…

      I also hate cubicles.

      Happy ammo-polishing!

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  3. Attitudes to gun ownership always puzzled me when I lived in the USA. America is a great idea, it truly is, but why can’t its citizens see that times have changed and Hollywood doesn’t reflect reality and so it’s time to adapt to the here and now. Happy and safe Holiday Season y’all.

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    1. Thanks Frank!

      The great idea (which should have been of so much more benefit to the world as a whole than it has proven to be) would seem to have been de-railed, or co-opted, or some other negative style of acquisition that has a hyphen… And it might be irretrievable.

      Cheers for the holiday wishes, your input, and right back at ya. Eat drink and be merry.


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