This Week In Double-Speak (#1)

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or Double-Speak, And Why We Will Love Paying More Tax And/Or Otherwise Subsidising The Wealth-Rorters

Politics, and rorting an economy – It’s a game of semantics, and the bastards are so brazen and cock-sure now, that they barely try to hide it. Double-speak is more rife than ever, and is being used like a hammer to overtly pound propaganda and disinformation into the heads of the dumbed-down, confused, sedated, and easily-distracted masses.  Insulting enough; but so much worse due to the pathetic quality of the language used, and worse again because the brainless media and consumers thereof simply gobble it all up, without question.

Double-speak is in hyper-drive in Australia at the moment, and just a casual glance at the language being employed in the hot-topic-this-week non-debate on possible expansion and increasing of the Goods & Services Tax (GST) reveals a decent supply of Orwellian phrases and supplied holding lines being rapped through the media by our ‘elected representatives’.  Some of these prepared lines are used across a range of issues in current political discourse, further muddying the waters and keeping the poor punters confused about which issues are really at stake.

By way of background, the GST-increase issue has popped up from almost nowhere as part of a new and apparently urgent re-imagining of the country’s taxation system. Of course, the plebs will be somewhat pissed at this idea, having to pay a little bit more for a whole lot of stuff that they buy every day, and meanwhile, as the plebs foam and froth in a state of distracted fury, manoeuvres will be occurring to surreptitiously introduce other pieces of socially harmful ‘business-friendly’ tax legislation/or just to enable continued inaction on corporate tax-avoidance and similar obvious targets for a tax review.

Here’s just a sample of seven recent oft-repeated efforts at obfuscation and misdirection, as repeated ad nauseum for the benefit of those of us with short attention span and limited memory capacity, each entry augmented by what is really being said:

  • When they say ‘more flexibility‘, they mean ‘fewer rights for workers
  • When they say ‘more competitive‘, they mean ‘lower wages and less onerous conditions for local workers
  • When they mention, again, ‘jobs and growth‘ (or, as alternatively phrased by more adventurous political animals, ‘growth and jobs‘), they mean ‘jobs in some unrelated sector of the economy, perhaps even in another country, and growth in economic sectors and in whatever countries are considered favourable by our benefactors at any given moment in the market cycle
  • When they drop ‘transitioning the economy‘, they mean ‘siphoning public capital and removing safeguards to enable continued access to future wealth‘ (treasonous theft)
  • Every mention of a ‘burden‘ means ‘an ordinary citizen, or any government expenditure that does not directly serve the needs of ‘free-market’ capitalist corporations (AKA our benefactors)
  • The retort-of-the-week, ‘all options are on the table‘ really means ‘even the most horrendous idea will not be ruled out, publicly, in order to make the 2nd-most horrendous idea seem like a very fair and sensible option when introduced
  • And pre-dating them all (the first falling stones in the cavalcade of language-with-barely-concealed-intent) was the old classic, ‘we need to talk about weekend/Sunday penalty rates‘, which actually means, obviously, ‘our mates in commerce would like to squeeze a few additional dollars out of you, and we can help you understand how badly they need those dollars by scaring you into believing that your apparent reliance on penalty rates is destined to put you out of your job, because, as you well know, they need that money more than you do, so that they can continue to pay you something.  So, maybe just be a little less greedy and selfish, or you’ll soon find out how badly you needed any money at all, let alone fair and reasonable rates of pay for the work you do at times when the rest of us are having fun and spending time with our loved ones‘ [* – this last was a suggestion for inclusion from a valued Twitter tweep, who would prefer to remain nameless, but you know who you are…  The long-winded augmentation is mine, as if you couldn’t tell, but is probably not long-winded enough to truly capture the intent behind this declaration of class-war.]

Anyone who can’t see through this low-grade Double-Speak is either disturbingly stupid, compromised by their own bullshit selfish ideology, or deluded and successfully placated by the smokescreen of the recent replacement of the Prime Moron with the Primed Malcolm.

Either way, that’s enough of the population to keep us shackled to the Australian sub-branch of the neo-con program for the foreseeable future.  Thanks a lot, dickheads.

I was going to end this post by asking, rhetorically of course, “are we really that stupid?”.  But I’ve already answered, non-rhetorically, my own question – yes, yes we are.

So, why will we love paying more tax and/or otherwise subsidising the wealth-rorters?  Because we’re fucking stupid, and we deserve it.

Wick Burner

5 thoughts on “This Week In Double-Speak (#1)

    1. Generally speaking, I really really like a good-old-fashioned bit of non-violence.
      However, sometimes (only sometimes, I swear) there’s not too much that is more satisfying than the thought of assisting someone in leaving this mortal coil with the aid of a reliable and powerful sidearm…
      There is also the option of making this happen with a soup spoon, should the intended ‘victim’ really deserve some extended agony prior to dispatch. (ooh, that’s cold… and harsh)
      But only if they really deserve it.
      The politically stupid probably *really* deserve it.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Now hold it Wick Burner! You don’t think you are going to get off THAT easy! Australians are stupid but Americans are way more stupid …….. way more! We hold the Olympic Record in STUPID! No really, Americans have won the Gold Medal in stupid for almost 70 years. Now if you think we are going to give it up to your little upstart stupid country, the answer is NO.

    We here in America speak stupid and we teach it in our schools. Where your country started with a criminal-prison population here in America we have become a criminal-prison population! TAKE THAT, WICK BURNER!

    So, no matter how stupid Australia appears we here in America will take the prize. It’s our prize and we’ll bomb and drone any resistance until you comply …….. that’s true democracy for ya’!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey now Tubular, let’s not go to war over who has the biggest stupid. Australians are notorious for punching above their weight in many fields, usually sport-type stuff; and therefore might just be able to out-stupid the Gold Medalists of Stupid.
      And if it comes to being attacked, well, this whole prison-nation will start taking aim at those droney-drones of yours with tractor-launched woolly missiles. It’s our version of the CCCP BUK system; a large female sheep catapulted from the lift-arms of a Sunshine-Massey-Ferguson harvester. So, look out!
      (‘We’ have some droney-drones too, but your military-industrial guys probably have the remote kill-codes for them – a fact which would further support our claim to the Throne of Stupid!)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ok, Wick Burner you are correct. Probably best not to go off on stupid in a stupid way to prove just how stupid we can one ups one’s stupid. That would be just plain stupid and we both know that complex stupid looks better on paper. Cheers.

        Liked by 1 person

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