A Prayer For Commuters – Updated With Fresh Road-Rage!

a rosary in a car
Jesus Christ, Save Me From These Morons

From my Twitter, my little prayer (even though I don’t pray, unless I’m tripping) for me and anyone else risking their lives daily just to get to and from work inside a motor vehicle.

Feel free to incorporate it into your pre-take-off routines.  May it protect you from death and catastrophic injury…

Wick Burner


Yesterday, in real life, I was saved from death or catastrophic injury by a higher being, or something.

An attempt was made to run me off the road at ~110km/h by an impatient methamphetamine user with anger-management issues, bad fashion-sense, debatable personal hygiene standards, an absence of some teeth, paint peeling in giant ulcers from the entirety of his Holden Commodore, and a host of other stereotypical imagery, which was, frankly, disturbing in its sheer overtness and magnitude.

He was seemingly very upset by my unwillingness to flout the laws of the road and common sense safety concerns in order to make way for him to get to his very important appointment with his parole officer, or similar.

By a combination of defensively-aggressive driving manoeuvres on my part, and the Hand of the Great Architect or something similar, I avoided a chaotic spearing across the freeway median.

I subsequently initiated actions that will have, hopefully, seen some karmic justice rain down in his general direction.

The prayer works.

Praise be unto Mother Earth, or similar.


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