Better Late? (My Little Syria Rant)

Sorry It’s A Bit Of A Mess – But Thanks For Your Concern (Image:

Recent days have seen a widespread outpouring of concern for refugees fleeing the broken country that was once Syria.  I suppose this is positive, in some way, that now there is a focus on the plight of nearly 12 million displaced individuals.  There is now broader awareness of the fact that over 220,000 people have died in the conflict, and that almost one and a half million people have been injured [See:].

And, of course, we are now preparing to aim more bombers in the general direction of the Daesh ‘death cult’ that has infiltrated Syria from Iraq.  There’s money to be made from blowing shit up, so this is critical.  For the military-industrial economy…

But, hang on.  The conflict in Syria, including the disproportionate and heavy-handed crackdowns to civil protests, the barrel bombs, the chemical weapons, the barbaric slaughter of men/women/children peripheral to the fighting, has been ONGOING FOR OVER FOUR YEARS.  This has been an Olympic-cycle war. [See:]

And we’re just starting to get a bit upset about it now.  Because of a photo.

Well, excuse me.  As disturbing as the image of a drowned boy washed up on a beach may be, there has been much more gruesome imagery from inside Syria readily available since prior to the last Summer Olympics.  I’ll resist the urge to create an image gallery here in this post that will cause you to lose your breakfast.  I’m sure you don’t need to see the dismembered and crushed corpses of infants right now – you can look that shit up at your leisure when next visiting your local internet café or public library web kiosk.

Anyway, apparently we’ve moved past that.

But moved past what, exactly?  I’m still waiting for an explanation of what the situation in Syria actually means.  Who are the ‘goodies’?  Who are the ‘baddies’? (to use the mentally retarded vernacular of the purportedly elected leader of the Australian government)  How many kids can we comfortably kill to achieve our unstated aims?  How many lives can we invert, happily, before we decide it’s OK to pack up our shitty old Super Hornets and come home?

What we’re looking at is just a big old fucking mess.  It’s Alawite versus Sunni versus Kurdish versus Hezbollah versus Turkish versus Daeshist versus democracy versus Jesus versus Abraham versus Mohammed.  Or some shit like that.  And good luck with all of that when you throw in a ‘willing coalition’ of Western nations (bowing and scraping and begging the US to be involved in a ‘good war’) against Iranian and Russian interests in the whole sorry affair.

This can’t be stressed enough: The Syria ‘problem’ is so confusing and complex that justification for military action is IMPOSSIBLE TO EXPLAIN.

In that case, I think I’ll stop trying.

The only thing I do know is that fresh focus on the plights of millions of innocent victims of conflict is welcome, and that these same plights are nothing more than pawns in the hands of sabre-rattlers and war-hawks.

And I’m left wondering: where has our genuine concern for the innocent of Syria been for the last four years?  It’s not like it was a secret…

Yours in a coalition of the confused,

Wick Burner

INFORMATION ADDENDUM – Since pressing ‘Publish’ I’ve been supplied a link from a Twitterati, which is a great little explainer for the uninitiated on why Syria is an ‘issue’ at all, and who might be interested in changing things around for their own benefit:

Behind-the-Curtain – Why Syria Must Go – It is Gas this Time

Yep, shit’s gonna get messy…


11 thoughts on “Better Late? (My Little Syria Rant)

  1. I’m in. “Coalition of the confused.” Brilliant Wick Burner, fucking brilliant! You nailed it quick and conceptually. In my meaningless opinion, this is the best piece you’ve penned to date.
    Refugee Syrian cork-boy would be flotsam washed ashore in an uncaring Turkey. The jetsam would be continually sorties over Syraqistan bombing those icky dang jihadis and/or in general brown people that are hardly worth raising an eyebrow over. They’re brown people after all. Mooselim at that.
    But there’s profit to be made bombing civilians. Isn’t that what’s important for the ‘axis of profitability’?

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    1. Cheers, Donzo! That opinion carries a lot of weight, and is received with maximum gratitude.

      Also received with gratitude is your one-word solution for the entire Middle East – ‘Syraqistan’. That’s it! Abolish all the borders, and, hey, presto! – a new amorphous sovereign nation with a lot of sectarian ‘issues’ to iron out and a seat at the Security Council with which to do it. I’m sure this would please the Saudis and the Iranians and the Israelis and … actually probably not, I’d better stop there…

      The only eyebrows we’re interested in raising over this hell-pit are for those slightly brown-tinged folk with the same messiah as us… and the eyebrows raised when the war profiteers see all the zero’s on their contract checks.

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  2. I disagree, maybe you should make an image gallery of the injured children, including those that were denied medicine through U.N. sanctions against Iraq back in the day.

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    1. Indeed, your disagreement is noted, and may require some attention to compile here in one place the many thousands of horrific things done in that region.

      I well remember the sheer brutality of those sanctions. The starvation and the sickness and the dying – all preventable.

      What a travesty.

      Nice to see you here. Cheers.

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    1. Syria had people in it once upon a time. Now swamped by our future beheaders, who have some of the coolest gear you can imagine…

      While you’re at WallyMart, could you buy me an AR-15? I’ll fix you up with the greenbacks later.

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  3. Chuckled at your description of our ex Prime Minister. It was a huge weight off the collective shoulder when he was dumped by his own party but sadly he has been replaced by a man with the same ideology cloaked in “reasonableness” [for that read “arrogance that only outrageous wealth engenders”]. It never ceases to amaze me that the West creates countries from its former “possessions”, backs despots who rule them as badly as we once did, then squeal like stuck pigs when it all blows up in our faces. We only want them to have democracy when they cease to be of use to us.

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    1. Centuries of lessons on how *not* to manage colonial possessions haven’t really rubbed off on those that need to know the most… Even independence and full sovereignty can’t save a nation from future retributions from the former colonial masters.


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