On Shark Culls – And Not Learning From (Fictional) History

a picture of the robot shark from the theme park
Robotic Sharks And Zio-Nazi Film Studios Have A Lot To Answer For

Shark culling – what a miserable and pathetic reflection on humanity; that fear-response to a few geo-similar incidents in the wilds of the ocean that usually ends in a bloody massacre of too many various magnificent creatures and a sick celebration of man’s dominance over his dominion…

We all remember that movie, right?  You know, the shark one.  Yeah, that’s it.

Yeah, well, we appear to not have learnt anything from the salient lessons offered up in that movie.

Another recent spate of shark attacks in a popular beach-side area of Australia has the issue of ‘management’ being thrashed around again…  And of course, that leads inevitably to discussion of the option to cull.

There’s your usual suspects involved in the ‘debate’; the mayor of Amity, the president of the commerce group, the marine biologists, the politicians, the tourism operators, the surfers.

As with all these events, no matter where they occur, the primary asset being protected is money.  And the arguments are always shielded by the premise of concern for human life.  Then comes the flood of tears for the businesses that will suffer, the tourists ‘scared away’ by the evil lurking beneath the waves.

For the holy sake of fuck, it’s 2015, and we can’t do better than this?:

amity beach sign
But, You Can’t Close The Beach, I’m Up For Re-Election/Raking In Sweet Tourist Dollars…

When what we’re usually really talking about is a rush to the boats to go and hook some sea-monster, along with a healthy dose of politics playing the protector.

When what we’re really talking about is destruction of an apex predator of a domain outside our native sphere.  A domain in which we play.

So, for the sake of our recreation, it’s OK to go and wipe out dozens or hundreds of sharks – ‘might be a great white’; ‘could have been the killer’; ‘looked dangerous’; fuck it, hook ’em up and reel ’em in…



Hopefully the good people of Amity will see through the fog of panic and selfish greed, and come up with a smart way to learn from the presence of the big-scary-eating-machines-of-the-sea.

Research them.  Find out why they’re there.  Follow them.  Try to understand them.  Co-exist with them.  Manage YOUR intrusions into THEIR home range.

beach closed
Close The Fucking Beach, If That’s What You Have To Do. And Research, Research, Research…

If there just so happens to be a giant robot made to look like a shark that is eating innocent people, then sure, by all means, go ahead and shoot that fucker.  Put explosives in its mouth.  Make it bite a high-voltage cable.  Go for it.

But otherwise, we’ve got to know by now that sharks are not like rats or other vermin, and can’t just be eliminated for the convenience of your business or recreation.  Diversify…  Get other hobbies…

We’ve got to know by now that sharks, or any other animal for that matter, are not a tool to be used for cheap political point-scoring.  But of course, you’ll use whatever you can to continue the charade…

Shark culling is shit, and shit like that has just got to stop.


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6 thoughts on “On Shark Culls – And Not Learning From (Fictional) History

  1. Culling sharks? Is Tony Abbott behind this hair-brained scheme? Leave the sharks alone. People don’t want to be eaten by sharks they should stay the fuck out of the oceans.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nah, no tiny tony involvement… yet… But he’d love a bit of tough-guy shark-spearing…
      I’m no surfer, but if I was, I know at least half the thrill would be the danger of what possibly swims beneath me. Respeck da o-shun, man!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment. I only just retrieved your comment out of ‘spam’… hence the delayed response.

      And thank you, also, for the validation. I love validation. 😉

      Off to check out your blog again…

      Liked by 1 person

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