Some Tweet Poetry

A Picture Of Me, Writing A Poem
A Picture Of Me, Writing A Poem

I’ve been writing a few little fit-in-a-tweet poems, and thought I’d share them with the better half of my social media world (yes, you, reading this right now).

Because I am such a tech guru (!), I’m ’embedding’ them here (WOW, I know, right?).  Well, I’ll try anyway.  If it doesn’t work as planned, I’ll hastily edit to replace with screenshots…  Apologies in advance if I fuck it up and you’re one of the ripped-off early readers who sees a half-arsed shemozzle of a post. [EDIT: As predicted, I fucked it up, so I tried 5,000 different things, and now it finally works…  No boring old-school screenshoots for YOU!]

This first poem is solely responsible (yes, it was me) for bringing down the disgraced Speaker of the House, Rorting Bronwyn ‘Chopper’ Bishop:


This next was written in celebration of her resignation (again, yes, that was me):


And then there’s this one, from earlier today, when I should have been sleeping, on ‘Trainwreck tony’ the embattled PM:


I predict that last will bring down the PM and his rag-tag bunch-of-thieves gubmint…

You just wait and see…


Wick Burner

2 thoughts on “Some Tweet Poetry

  1. Trainwreck Tony shirt-fronts the mirror
    the fool
    cut himself while shaving

    that’s all I’ve got. besides it’s really freaking early over here in the Seppy-land of fucknuts…

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  2. Hello, from the flip side! Thanks for the follow and I’m touched to see The Big Blog of All the Shit I Know in your blogroll 😉 Cheers, and looking forward to more of your shenanigans.

    From a fellow idiot,
    Moose and Michelle (AKA BBK)

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