A Calming Musical Interlude #3

I’ll write something original in this place one day soon, rather than allowing it to devolve into a destitute man’s version of YouTube…

Anyway, here’s another band that everyone should listen to.  If only because I say it should be so.

…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead are excellent.  Saw them live at The Corner a few years back; a really good show, and the dual drummers playing that tour were perfectly synchronistic on every beat.  Haven’t seen better in that respect.

Mistakes & Regrets‘ – yep, I know about that stuff, like most of us…  This song usually makes me concurrently happy/sad.  Pathetic, really.

Crank it.  Enjoy.

Next post will be words from inside my head.  Slap me if it’s not.

Wick Burner

4 thoughts on “A Calming Musical Interlude #3

    1. It’s winter here, and I am seasonally impacted! Cold and drizzle are my enemies…
      I have a back-catalogue of photography, so you never know… Thanks for the input; which is always welcome. 😉
      My head is high and I will conquer the winter!

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