Going Dark – A VPN Tale

Going Dark
Let The Darkness Be Your Friend

*Image Attribution: Image sourced from and property of ForestWander Nature Photography, acquired under Creative Commons license, with thanks. 

All he wanted was freedom without fear of unjust retribution from authority and corporation

So he went dark

Leaving a complex web of false leads and breadcrumb trails he doubled back and slid through

Into the dark ocean

Navigating the deep dark web

A game of espionage played out by electrons in a digital mirror of the world of flesh and air

Cat and mouse

Bits and packets

Predator and prey

Keys and credentials

He emerged first in Geneva and transited through Paris as an anonymous shadow seeking a name

Emerging finally

A new entity born

No more real than pixels

He was in Moscow now and had appeared from nowhere with only his new name and a password

The tail dispatched to follow him had fallen off the scent in Prague

And so he was free to roam

To build the foundation of a new existence beyond their reach

And to carve a conduit to join digital with physical and turn the world inside out

Care was needed

And protocols were established

Everything could end very badly if even just one mistake was made

Yours in fictitiousness,

Wick Burner

4 thoughts on “Going Dark – A VPN Tale

    1. I do hope that Tubularsock has found more comfortable seating since I left you there on the edge…
      How rude of me.
      Thanks for the prompt – I’d better get writing…


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