A Calming Musical Interlude

This is the song that first turned me on to mclusky, and if you’ll pardon the French, it’s called Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues (the video I saw back then was the song being performed by cats…).  This is a live version performed by successor-band, and continuing legend, Future of the Left, in a guitar studio in Bris Vegas a few years back.

and the gun’s in my hand, and I know it looks bad, but believe me I’m innocent” – aaah, good times…

In the absence of anything better to post, I’ve resorted to bashing out a multi-cast interweb simulcast on two web-logs simultaneously.  Like, actually two things, both different, but sort of the same, posted at exactly the same time, in two different places – something I’m sure has never been done in the history of modern broadcasting… over on my more PG-rated repository, Ramblings of Inanity, you’ll find another mclusky video, To Hell With Good Intentions, which is a cracker of a track that always seems to suit my mood.

Both worth a watch/listen.  Crank ’em.  Enjoy!

Wick Burner

2 thoughts on “A Calming Musical Interlude

  1. Yes yes and yes! The band is tight and raw and fresh. We’ve nothing like that here in the vast amerikan teenage wasteland. Well maybe somewhere. Amerika has taylor swift and swift is mostly listless. But she makes powerful bank and after all, that’s what’s amerikan important.,

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    1. They are indeed tight and raw. Based in Wales, and I’ve seen them here in Australia on 3 or so occasions.
      There is much love here also for this swift you speak of, who I am led to believe sings power-pop-sexy-country-laced break-up songs in order to totally corner the tween/teen/pre-meth market.

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