Redneck Holy Grail

Geneticists have declared Australia is the ‘Holy Grail’ for selective genetic technology that might actually prove useful, in a report issued by the illustrious, but otherwise useless, medical journal Genetics ‘r Us. Struggling for many years to find an application for genetic technology that serves more purpose than growing a human ear on the back of a mouse, or pumping out clones of a stupid sheep, the international geneticist fraternity/sorority has decided to apply their splicing skills to locating and removing the gene that makes many people stupid. In pursuit of this lofty aim, geneticists have decided to focus their research … Continue reading Redneck Holy Grail

Going Dark – A VPN Tale

*Image Attribution: Image sourced from and property of ForestWander Nature Photography, acquired under Creative Commons license, with thanks.  All he wanted was freedom without fear of unjust retribution from authority and corporation So he went dark Leaving a complex web of false leads and breadcrumb trails he doubled back and slid through Into the dark ocean Navigating the deep dark web A game of espionage played out by electrons in a digital mirror of the world of flesh and air Cat and mouse Bits and packets Predator and prey Keys and credentials He emerged first in Geneva and transited through … Continue reading Going Dark – A VPN Tale