Climate Change Conspiracy? Aah, Nope, Nope, Nope


a coal plant in the UK
Innocent Plant Food

Some readers might know that I don’t mind the odd conspiracy theory.

A few of these theories are “pretty wacky”.  Some of them I adhere to because they are possible or plausible – not because I believe them to be absolute truths – mostly because they are in some way or on some level more believable than the ‘official line’.  At least, to me they are…  They also may play a supporting role in the veracity of other semi-connected conspiracy theories that I find at least somewhat believable.

This is the thing with conspiracy theories.  Once you place any stock in one, it’s almost impossible to not be intrigued by other, similar or connected, theories, and to see the appeal of the theory.

Let’s cut straight to the chase.  If I was asked, “Welcome, Wick, and thanks for joining us on the global feed television service. Tell me, in your widely-esteemed opinion, how many conspiracy theories are actually true?”, I would give this answer: 60% of them are more true than not – or, to put it another way, the ‘mainstream’ story or account is less believable than the conspiracy theory 6 times out 10.  This assessment does not include the really wacky ones (the moon is a hologram, reptilian aliens disguised as people wear crowns and live in palaces, barcodes are the Mark of The Beast and if you buy something with a barcode you will go to Hell, etc.)

I suppose the BIG KAHUNA of conspiracy theories is the ‘World Domination’-style suite of theories.  These theories range across a whole spectrum of beliefs.  Belief in some versions of these theories is usually based on the politics of the theorist, in others it is based on a disparate set of anecdotal, poorly-sourced, or speculative ‘evidence’, usually concocted and collated in a way that supports the adherents’ lifestyle or personal ‘security’ (usually financial and/or social).

Anyway, I doth digress too much… one of these World Domination conspiracy theories has had (and I’m not overstating this), and is continuing to have, a deleterious effect on human progress and the health of the environment as a whole, and it goes like this:

Human-induced climate change is not a real phenomenon, is an artificial ‘global emergency’, and the United Nations is behind a global conspiracy to subvert the sovereignty of nations under the guise of ‘saving the world from carbon pollution’, eventually forming a one-world government and subverting us all to their will.  Or something like that…

On some level, whether they admit it or not, most climate change deniers believe this or some version of it.  And this forms a (visible or not) supporting membrane for all of their self-serving arguments against taking action to reduce emissions from burning dinosaurs.

This conspiracy theory is complete bullshit.

To state the bleeding obvious: POLLUTION IS BAD.  And it just so happens that it IMPACTS NEGATIVELY ON OUR ENVIRONMENT AND ON US.  These are simple, indisputable, facts.

To argue against action on reducing pollution emitted from the manufactured thermal processes of our civilisation is only ever done for self-serving reasons.  Usually money and/or tribal politics and/or religious beliefs and/or weak fear.  More facts.

Action on pollution would ‘just happen’, almost organically, based on scientific observation and advice and public will, if there weren’t enormous opposing pressure from vested interests with massive investments in polluting enterprises and no interest in doing positive for anyone but themselves.  Bonus facts.

We’re at that tipping point now, where clean and renewable energy is becoming cheaper and better than conventional non-renewable options.  But the push-back from the entrenched incumbents with their 19th-century paradigms is a strong one, well-sold to appeal to the lowest common denominator, and to cast doubt and fear into the issue.  Just to maintain the status quo and continue clawing in as much as possible regardless of the consequences for anyone else.  Stax o’ facts.

These facts induce much anger in a certain ranty web-logger…

I’ll calm down now.

So, let’s wrap this up.

Is there some conspiracy to convince us that pollution is somehow responsible for impacting negatively on the local environment and global climate systems in order to impose a tyrannical one-world government?  Nope, nope, nope.

All of this… this.. these words, just to say this:


It just so happens that pollution is responsible for impacting negatively on the local environment and on global climate systems, and is also very likely to directly cause major catastrophic long-term damage to the planet we live on.  Go figure.

It just so happens that CO² is plant food.  But what fucking good is that when you keep chopping the trees down?  Pumping energy into a system you barely understand while simultaneously aggressively reducing the ability of that system to absorb said energy is a losing game.  Energy never dies, it just changes.

There IS a ‘subconscious conspiracy of collusion’ amongst the current power elite and many leaders of industry that seeks only to serve itself and preserve the power and the money, the money and the power.

The actually real conspiracies that seek to dominate you and subvert your will and make you easier to manage and keep you poor and keep them rich, are those same mix and loose network of ‘leaders’ that want to keep burning shit to make money because it’s easy and it suits them to do so.

The actually real conspiracies are right in front of us all, making and breaking laws, protecting friends and associates, being voted for by your neighbour, sailing a yacht bought with the blood of children, believing that some people deserve a better life than other people, paying back favours for services rendered, rendering services for favours repaid down the line.  You get the picture.

I type all this, and it seems I am stating the obvious.  But this can’t be true.  If this was commonly accepted knowledge, it wouldn’t be allowed to continue.  Hence the push-back, for this reason as well, I guess.  Gotta stave off that old chestnut, revolution…

I can’t open anyone’s eyes to what is plain to see if they will only refuse to see it.  All I can hope is that the tipping point hurries its way here, and we can get through to the other side and get on with the job of cleaning up our act.  That may not be allowed be happen.  Or it might.  Think positive.  Press ‘Publish’.

I need a drink.

Wick Burner

4 thoughts on “Climate Change Conspiracy? Aah, Nope, Nope, Nope

  1. It is more probable than not, the Planet’s climate is wholly fucked up and beyond repair. On the upside, the idiots denying that the Planet’s climate is wholly fucked up will suffer the very same consequences as we all will. Given that a predominately high number of the boneheads live damn close to any beach, they’ll go long before I will,.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have a policy of never venturing below 500m altitude for that very reason. If the waves come rolling in, I’ll stay high ‘n’ dry and be able to laugh, for a little while…

      Liked by 1 person

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