Birthdays For Dead People

A pic of dead malcolmx
Dead.  Let’s Eat Cake.

I find it bizarre that we ‘celebrate’ the birthdays of assassinated or otherwise deceased notable figures of recent history, rather than the assassination/death date.

Yesterday (May 19) was Malcolm X Day.  Great.  That’s the day he was born.  But he was killed on February 21, torn open by 21 lumps of lead.  Why isn’t the observance day February 21?

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is another one – celebrated around MLK’s birthday (January 15).  Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to ‘celebrate’ the life of MLK on April 4, the day he was murdered?

Hasn’t their life had more of an impact on society as a whole because they were killed?

Interesting to note, as comparison, that many ‘Saints Days’ are celebrated or observed on the day that particular individual, real or imagined, was martyred (burned alive, impaled, boiled in oil, whatever).

Jesus H. Christ has the ‘most holy day of the year’ as the day he was allegedly speared on the crucifix, and the supposed resurrection day is a poor cousin a couple of days later.

Maybe I’m missing something…

Side note: Australia doesn’t celebrate people by way of observance days, apart from Queen Elizabeth Saxe-Coburg and Gotha’s birthday (not celebrated on or near her actual birthday), so I could only refer to foreign (US) observance days.  We don’t even have Harold Holt Day, for fuck’s sake.  But, then again, Australia didn’t even bother to have an inquiry into his disappearance – too much effort, and there was beer to be drunk… and then someone thought it would be a real hoot to name a swimming pool after him…

Yours in perplexed confusion,

Wick Burner

4 thoughts on “Birthdays For Dead People

  1. Struggling to find something witty and wise to offer up and all I can manage is, Australia celebrates Lizzie the Deuce? With a “day?” Doesn’t Lizzie the Douche live a way far off from Australia? Like, on the other side of our Planet? I find that odd but then the whole “royal” scenario seems pretty fucking crazy to me.

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    1. She is our supreme leader! ‘Happy Not-Actually-Your-Birthday, Liz!”; every June. Day off. Yay!
      We’re a retrograde and backward-focussed remnant of a colonial prisoner-processing/resource-stripping/indigenous-displacing machine. And, apparently, most of us like it that way juuust fine…

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      1. You know WB, that sounds eerily like my AmeriKKKa. You know backward, retarded, head-up-asinine, and sheepishly gullible.


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