Narcissistic Billionaires – Re-Posted!

Dredged up from the archives, from before I was who I am today, this has been one of my posts of enduring popularity.  I think it gets lots of hits just because it has the word ‘fuck’ in it more times than it probably warrants, but there you go…

Enjoy this old bit of junk from over 2 years ago.  Aaah, those were the days…


An example of the human billionaire

The world seems to be bubbling over with outspoken mega-rich individuals, promoting themselves and some delusional policy or social program, usually with painfully obvious self-interest at the core of their messages.  These people are narcissistic sociopaths with delusions of global domination and/or an adherence to some ideal of a ‘higher calling’ for them and their ilk, because they are so fucking special, and simply superior to the rest of humanity.

Fuck you, narcissistic billionaires.

Fuck you, sociopathic multi-millionaires.

And, fuck you, all you wannabe narcissistic sociopathic million/billionaires.  And ditto to all the ‘elected members‘, and all the other wannabe’s at every level, who do their bidding.

Fuck you all.

The mainstream media (MSM) loves to act as their free advertising carrier, the disseminator of their swill.

Fuck you, MSM.  You have abandoned your role as broadcasters of news in the public interest.  You display no balance, no integrity, no allegiance to truth.  Your work is now nothing more than opinion, and even less than that when you parrot the words and promote the cause of the aforementioned narcissistic sociopaths of the mega-rich variety.

There is a concerted, combined, morally corrupt effort to sway the public debate, influence the public opinion, and change the landscape of how society operates – tipping the scales further in favour of the mega-rich/elite.

This shit’s gotta stop.

Yours in repetition,

Wick Burner

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