Monitored Regions & Suspected Arcs
Monitored Regions & Suspected Arcs

An intriguing piece on (you guessed it…) #MH370, again. This is a series of exchanges between the author, reynardvi (Reynard Foxx, @reynardvi on Twitter), and a whistleblower, regarding Australia’s Jindalee Over The Horizon Radar system, and clues as to why we’re not privy to what it may have seen as MH370 supposedly flew well within detection range.

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When MH370 was in the air just over 12 months ago, I heard reports saying that it had headed south into the Indian Ocean airspace. My immediate reaction was one of relief. I knew that Jindallee – the over the horizon radar system developed by Australians and funded by taxpayers – would have no problem locating it. Jindalee exists to provide an early warning system to protect Australia’s west coast. Given the current height of tension in regard to the problems in the Middle East and Afghanistan, and Australia’s role, it was obvious that if any attack were to come, it would be from the North West.  MH370 camk from the NNW and flew through Jindalee’s range for 4-6 hours. That’s if what we have been told is the truth, of course.

There are 3 options:

1. That the plane did not fly across the southern ocean.

2. That the…

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  1. We the mushroom people whom are kept in the dark and are fed bullshit, salute our political overlords and social betters. That would be the ever so popular and infamous one-finger salute of course. Fly the salute and chant the chorus…

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