MH370 Moist Towelette Reduction

A picture of a Malaysia Airlines towelette
A recreated image of the moist towelette found on a beach in WA

My Doubt Radar is in overdrive.

In the last 24 or so hours, a story has emerged regarding the discovery of a remarkably pristine looking moist towelette bearing the Malaysia Airlines logo on its outer packaging, apparently washed up on a beach in Western Australia.

Another picture of a Malaysia Airlines towelette
A different recreation of the found towelette from, possibly, MH370

I’ve only had opportunity to briefly peruse the stories and images, but I’m already calling ‘BULLSHIT’.  Initially, I was prepared to call bullshit within a minute of looking at the OBVIOUSLY STAGED pictures – until I found that the article (linked to above) stated clearly that the images were a “recreation”.  (Well, that just confirms that I can still pick bullshit when I see it.)

So, apparently, ‘Mr. & Mrs. Miller’ were walking along a beach, looking for “stuff from MH370” LAST YEAR, in JULY, and happened upon the packaged towelette.  So the story took a while to come out…

Remember when every possible ‘ping’ or piece of floating debris was being trumpeted as the lead that would break the case?  Remember that?

But an actual piece of possible physical evidence was just quietly being transported from WA to Canberra to be investigated, without any fanfare or even a calm announcement, for over 8 months.

“the JACC (Joint Agency Coordination Centre) has refused to release a photograph of the original find and has withheld comment on the significance of the find”

Why refuse to release a photograph of the original find?  Surely it’s more realistic, and helpful, than the fresh-out-of-the-box version used as a ‘recreation’ in the stories… maybe?

And ‘Mr. & Mrs. Miller’ have not released their own photograph/s (if they exist) of the moment of the find, their tampering with possible evidence and contamination of same?  Have they been forbidden to do so?  Fine to talk to a TV news crew, but no provision of supporting evidence of the event?

All that said, it’s quite possible that the towelette came from MH370, survived its transit from crash site to beach intact, as the ONLY piece of physical evidence thus far discovered.  It’s possible.  But why all the bullshit surrounding that key moment of its chance discovery?  Why the refusal to release a photo of a moist towelette lying on the sand?  Why the more than 8 month wait for the story to surface?


This is just a little more disinformation to keep the story confused, and the truth ever harder to find.


Next find will probably be a pilot’s cap, or a plastic fork, or a set of headphones, or an in-flight magazine, still wrapped in plastic…



Wick Burner

12 thoughts on “MH370 Moist Towelette Reduction

    1. I only imply that, even in this particular story, even in isolation, there is much to be suspicious about. It just seems, odd, on a number of levels (timing, delay, probability, absence of even one other piece of solid matter, etc.).
      There is always room for incompetence! But incompetence alone would have simply resulted in a large debris field somewhere close to where investigators had concrete data on the last known location.
      That’s what I think, anyway.
      What do YOU think?

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      1. I simply know that I do not know, and tend to regard (my own) speculation on this matter as pointless. So, you are suggesting that the aircraft is in tact it appears. Do you have any theories as to where it and its occupants may be?

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      2. I also know that I don’t know – don’t worry!
        I *suspect*, strongly, that something untoward and very significant occurred. Something of global import.
        I have an array of pet theories – most of which have holes in them. I have yet to be dissuaded with any conviction from the thought that the fates of MH370 and MH17 are closely intertwined. More holes appear…
        Something may be found soon, and put a multitude of theories to death. Or not. Regardless, enough time has passed that the evidence and official accounts will always be questioned.

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  1. Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.
    Here’s an idea, MH370 sits on a runway Diego Garcia Island having been hijiacked by CIA spooky boys for some nefarious future scheme. Proof, ergo, is problematic as Diego Garcia Island is “restricted military secret space” and IF one tries to get within oh say a mile of the place you’ll get your ass blasted off the surface of the Indian Ocean simply because the goons running shop on DGI are hyper-paranoid and heavily armed.

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    1. That is definitely an idea.
      And, at risk of exposing my average mind [ 😉 ], as for the event, the issue of proof becomes a non-issue for the perpetrators if indeed the event was managed in that way.
      Further, what better way to then dispose of the unneeded remains of aircraft and people than to incinerate them in hostile territory at the potential spawn point for WW3, real or imagined.
      Amazing ideas. Might actually be the reality of the event/s.
      But, as I’ve said before and elsewhere, reality will always be subjective now. Too much smoke, too many mirrors, and too much disinformation.

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  2. Wow. Tubularsock believes that this towelette is the key to the entire matter! Obviously it is a secret note. Much like a note in a bottle but sealed from within to prevent Mr. and Mrs. “Miller” from knowing ANYTHING! It’s personal.

    That being said, it proves that it is NOT a CIA operation. The CIA would have used Mr. and Mrs. “Smith” don’t you know.

    What it does show is that this has Western Australian finger prints all over it!

    Another factor in this entire mess is the the powers to be haven’t figured out that the notes inside the towelette packet either for one simple reason. Have you ever tried to open one of those towelette packets …….. they are a bitch! This is where the incompetence theory fits in rather nicely.

    Oh sure, Tubularsock could go on ………..

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    1. Aah, you’ve nailed it!
      It’s now clear that the towelette in its wrapper was hidden in a passenger’s rectum before the mass-execution on Diego Garcia. And Mr & Mrs Miller were the WA secret police agents tasked with planting it on the beach, so that it could then be opened by a specially-built towelette wrapper opening robot somewhere under Pine Gap.
      The note inside has not been released, probably because the ink smudged when the robot got the fat from fried chicken, flown in on a Galaxy from Kentucky, everywhere during the opening process…
      You are most welcome to go on – maybe together we can solve the entire case and hold a press conference to announce our findings…


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