The Corporate Unconscious

A thought-provoking piece about the state of corporate ideology, business, economics, environment, and the future of everyone.  It’s a lot of words, so grab a beverage and get comfortable!  Reblogged from my friend The Reverend Andrew Mount, with thanks:

Rev. Andrew Mount

“No matter how large the corporation you are working for, it is always too small for even one human soul.” — David Whyte

For the purposes of this paper, we assert the view that a corporation exists as an institutional reflection of the human ego. Like the ego, the corporation is fundamentally a fiction. For, the corporation has no true identity separate from the world in which it resides and the souls that give it life.

The corporation is seen to posses an ‘unconscious’, much as does the collective psyche of humanity. It is specifically this aspect of the corporate psychology we shall strive to illuminate.

The way a corporation functions is as if its survival is dependent upon the total conformance of its elements (employees) with the universal corporate mandate: pursuit of profit. This self-serving approach to corporate growth is often at odds with the evolutionary needs of the…

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