The Easy Way Is The Only Way To Go

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Let’s Just Focus On What’s REALLY Important

Some time late in the 20th Century, a concept for corporate, social, and environmental responsibility, known as the ‘Triple Bottom Line’ emerged as the widely-preferred method for operating a business or organisation.

The idea was to give equal importance to the profits or savings that could be made, the social impact or contribution that could be offered, and the environmental sustainability of the activity.

It was, as stated previously, the ‘widely-preferred method’ for how to operate.  In hindsight, it seems we were all fooled by hippies, ne’er-do-wells, social workers, and naive dreamers, who were all probably communists.

Economists, CEO’s and politicians have all now agreed that the much-hyped concept of the ‘Triple Bottom Line’ is just too much hard work, and therefore a reversion to a ‘Single Bottom Line’ is the preferred option for running businesses and governments.

This new system, known in the industry as ‘The One-Bum Line’ consists of the following rigourous actions to ensure success in all endeavours:

Make a SHIT-TON of cash and keep as much of it as we can.

There is also the supplementary clause, usually only mentioned in board-rooms or inside the heads of big bosses and associated sycophantic aspirants to those roles:

Fuck ’em, fuck ’em all.  We’ll all be dead soon, so who gives a shit anyway?

The take-home from this post is that you should all stop worrying, and just let us get on with the job of gouging as much money as possible and living the high life.

Corporations are people too, you know…

If you don’t like it, well, FUCK YOU.


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