Word Of The Moment #3

TRIGGER WARNING: This post does contain 2 (two) instances of what is widely considered to be the most offensive word in the English language (but that’s not the Word Of The Moment).

Read on, at your peril…

…It’s Not Even A Word…

My favourite word at the moment is:



/ just say it phonetically/


  1. (rare) A group or gathering of like-minded evil, arrogant, or hateful individuals, who might sell their own grandmothers to make a dollar.


  • Cunts


  • From “bunch of cunts”, with ‘dyslexic’ pronunciation, in order to be more palatable to sensitive ears.

Usage notes

  • The word was invented by me sometime in the last decade of the 20th century (approx. 1994), as I struggled, possibly whilst intoxicated, to cast casual aspersions upon a collective of nasty people who I did not take a liking to.
  • Since the widespread rollout of the DARPAnet, the word has appeared on various web pages from various sources, using an array of differing spelling.
  • I claim its original application, because that’s what happened.  I know, because I was there.

Feel free to use the word wherever you deem it applicable and appropriate.  It is safe for young and old ears alike, as it contains no recognised obscenities.

The most recent published example of use was by me, yesterday, on Twitter: In response to this, I wrote this: “The abbott government are a kunchabuntz”

Wick Burner

* – Definition, synonyms, etymology, and usage notes sourced from me, because I invented this word.



If this post has caused you any anguish or emotional discomfort, please call your local charitable suicide prevention hotline, or write, including a stamped self-addressed envelope, to:

‘Kunchabuntz’, Locked Bag 77, in your Capital City

5 thoughts on “Word Of The Moment #3

  1. Over here in Redneck, Arizona we like to refer to congress as that ‘bunch of cunts’. However I can see where using ‘kunchabuntz’ may seem more appropriate for those living outside of Redneck, Arizona. Great post by the by.

    Liked by 1 person

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