MH17 Story Still Murky & Confused

Debris Among The Sunflowers

It’s become a common theme in most news events of recent times – the truth will never now be known.

I’ve previously published or reblogged a couple of posts on the MH17, as well as MH370, ‘events’ (see MH17 Crash Analysis, by The Russian Union Of Engineers and MH17 Shot DOWN over UKRAINE is MISSING MALAYSIAN Flight 370).  I’ve also happily retweeted a lot of suggestions that the ‘official narrative’, if there is one, has been misleading, to say the least, even going so far as to suggest that the exact opposite of what Western mainstream media reports is closer to the truth of the matter.

Well, in the interests of balance, I have to point readers to this recent analysis (‘SU-25, MH17 and the Problems with Keeping a Story Straight‘, at Bellingcat) of those claims that the Ukrainian government/military is to blame, and that maybe, rather than a Russian BUK missile launcher, a fighter jet, perhaps a Ukrainian forces SU variant, was the tool used to shoot down MH17 with bullets.

This analysis certainly throws into question the claims made by many (either those supporting the Russian perspective, or those simply opposing the West’s response to the shoot-down).  I was of the opinion, with some reservations about the impartiality of the source, that a shoot-down-by-fighter-jet, likely a Ukrainian forces one, was the cause of the downing.  Reading the Bellingcat analysis has definitely led me to question that opinion, again.  Now I am back to square one.  I, like just about everyone else, have no fucking clue about what the real cause, purpose, motive, and background to the MH17 downing are.  Almost every source referenced in any of the theories has some conflicting information associated that gives you reason to doubt their story.  All we can do now is speculate.

This is the way that most events are perpetrated now.  Ever since JFK, and probably before, the master recipe for confusion has been deployed into the world’s perception of whatever happens.  It is an almost-faultless method of getting away with it – inject massive confusion, conflicting stories, and competing narratives.  Do that, and you are guaranteed that there will be so many competing theories for your assassination/false flag/war instigation operation, that it’s almost impossible to find the truth.  This is the way it is done.

All you can be certain of, in most cases, is that someone did it, and the reasons they did it are most probably not good ones.  And, every time, innocent lives are used as pawns to cover something up.  Isn’t that just SHIT?

That is all.


3 thoughts on “MH17 Story Still Murky & Confused

  1. Governance by chaos theory. With a side of impunity relish. As we all know by now, governments relish that impunity motif and will kill mercilessly just for the sport of it. So possibly our world can come together and pledge this pledge –
    We the people of Planet Earth being constantly under siege and threats of quasi-horror have had about enough. Politicians everywhere sit down, shut the fuck up, and knock your murderous bullshit off. Or else…

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  2. The Russians had no reason to do it…. would give them no advantage.
    The rebels had no reason to do it …. would give them no advantage and didn’t have the ability to do it anyway.

    The Ukraine air force DID IT. Ukraine was the only one in control of the air space both from air traffic control and from having an air force.

    The U.S. just grab the narrative and ran the anti-Russian propaganda.
    It’s called business as usual.

    Same tactic for the 9/11 story …. except in that one the U.S. did it.
    It’s called business as usual.

    Ask Tubularsock how he KNOWS, simple Tubularsock can read and write.

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    1. Oh, man, you’ve just encapsulated the geopolitical paradigm of the last 2 decades in 5 short paragraphs on an obscure web-log. Seriously.

      I agree with the reasoning. Motive is scarce until you settle on one of the more disturbing possibilities. In which case, it becomes clear that all of these things are orchestrated in order to achieve a pre-determined outcome for a select few.

      We are but sub-pawn minions in the Great Game…


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