Three Reasons I Am Not The Lord Of The Known Universe

3 reasons why
Too Lazy To Think Up More Reasons

3 Reasons Why I’m Not Running The Company/Country/World/Universe

  1. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely‘.  I think this is a universal rule, and all positive character traits or any remnants of goodness are compromised by any awareness of one’s own power status.  The initial aims and goals of wanting to change things for the better always seem to lose out when worn down by the pressures of ‘reality’.
  2. I am honest to a fault (well, mostly, and at least while I have almost zero power – see point 1), and would be character assassinated or actually assassinated once I started opening my mouth in the public domain.  All entrenched power would coalesce into my common and massive, all-encompassing, all-powerful enemy.
  3. I can’t be bothered.  I love my weekends, and value personal private time very highly.  Public figures, politicians, and the like, are always having to turn up to shit things on Saturday mornings.  I would go mental, and immediately begin seeking applicants for the role of doppelgänger to take my place at mundane public events, a la Saddam Hussein swimming across the Tigris (again, see point 1).

That is all.


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