‘abbottism’ from, reblogged, with thanks.
Great to read that even on the other side of the big, big, pond, and beyond the international date line, some people get the fact that abbott is a fool and an embarrassment.


“The” Prime Minister of Aussielandia and that would be one Tony Abbott, is going to smack Vladimir Putin square in his (Putin’s) face.

I’ll bet you did not know that PM Tony was a bad ass. Please to see the link here ––i-am-going-to-shirtfront-mr-putin-20141013-3hxbc.html

I hope the world’s media concerns have cameras rolling and record for posterity Abbott’s utterly ridiculous bravado and Abbott’s picking himself up off the ground after he gets his very stupid if not demagogue ass cold-cocked by President Putin.

You see, Abbott evidently missed the cold case memo that it was the dumb ass Ukraine Air Farce that shot down Malaysia Airlines flight MH17. Oh yeah and the Russians have the proof. The US/NATO has the exact same proof but that proof does not fit their bullshit scenario for casting the Russians in a bad light for whatever their ill conceived reasoning might be.

However, evidential prejudice…

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