MH17 Crash Analysis, by The Russian Union Of Engineers

MH17 Damage Analysis by Russian Engineers
MH17 Damage Analysis by The Union Of Russian Engineers. It’s bullets – lots of bullets…

I know…  This silly web-log thing here is not supposed to be a conspiracy site.  But, fuck it.  I’ve published more than one potential conspiracy and, well, why stop now?  What will be will be…

NOTE: The contents of this post are almost entirely extracted from The Oceania Saker.  If you are interested in a concise and seemingly sensible explanation of how the MH17 disaster transpired, then you need to read the entire report (now almost a month old).  There is a video there too.  Follow the link above (or here) to read the summary and download the report from that site.

Unfortunately, the report does not reveal why this aircraft was downed, or who perpetrated the act.  Suffice to say, the official line that Western media has promoted (and which has all but vanished from news screens, having been overwhelmed by ISIS and Ebola news) is quite possibly entirely fabricated and deliberately manipulated to make it as confusing a tale as possible.  The chilling aspect to this report is that the conclusion of The Russian Union Of Engineers only leads to two big scary questions; if this evidence is correct, and if the analysis is correct, then who commanded the military jet to destroy the civilian airliner?  And why?

The more time that expires, the more I feel that there is something to the theory that MH17 and MH370 are one and the same plane…  Call me crazy…


Here is the conclusion of the report:

9. Reconstucting the event

Based on the above, we can draw the following conclusions:

9.1. In relation to the circumstances of the crash of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 jet.

The Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 was carrying out the 17.07.2014 flight Amsterdam – Kuala Lumpur in the flight corridor established by the dispatchers. At the same time, it is likely that manual control was turned off and the plane was on autopilot, flying in a horizontal plane along the route laid out and adjusted by air traffic controllers on the Ukrainian side.
At 17.17-17.20, the Boeing 777 was in Ukrainian airspace near the city of Donetsk at the height of 10100 m. An unidentified combat aircraft (presumably a Su-25 or MiG -29), which was a tier below, on a collision course, in the cloud layer, sharply gained altitude and suddenly appeared out of the clouds in front of the civilian aircraft and opened fire on the cockpit, firing from a 30 mm caliber cannon or smaller. The pilot of a fighter jet can do this while in “free hunting” mode (using onboard radar) or with the help of navigational guidance using airspace situation data from ground-based radar.
As a result of multiple hits from shells there was damage to the cockpit, which suddenly depressurized, resulting in instant death for the crew due to mechanical influences and decompression. The attack was sudden and lasted a fraction of a second; in such circumstances the crew could not sound any alarm as the flight had been proceeding in regular mode and no attack was expected.

Since neither the engines or hydraulic system, nor other devices required for the continuation of the flight were out of commission, the Boeing 777, running on autopilot (as is standard), continued on its horizontal flight path, perhaps gradually losing altitude.

The pilot of the unidentified combat aircraft maneuvered to the rear of the Boeing 777. After that, the unidentified plane remained on the combat course, the pilot provided a target tracking aircraft equipment, took aim and launched his R-60 or R-73 missiles.

The result was a loss of cabin pressure, the aircraft control system was destroyed, the autopilot failed, the aircraft lost the ability to maintain its level flight path, and went into a tailspin. The resulting overload led to mechanical failure of the airframe at high altitudes.

The aircraft, according to the information available from the flight recorders, broke up in the air, but this is possible only in the case of a vertical fall from a height of ten thousand meters, which can only happen when the maximum permissible overload is exceeded. One reason for stalling and going into a tailspin is the inability of the crew to control the aircraft as a result an emergency in the cockpit and the subsequent instantaneous depressurization of the cockpit and the passenger cabin. The aircraft broke up at a high altitude, which explains the fact that the wreckage was scattered over the territory of more than 15 square kilometers.

9.2. In relation to the party responsible for the death of 283 passengers and 15 crew members.

On 17.07.2014, the armed forces of the self-proclaimed Donetsk National Republic had no relevant combat aircraft capable of destroying an aerial target similar to the Boeing 777, nor the necessary airfield network, nor the means of radar detection, targeting and tracking.

No combat aircraft of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation violated the airspace of Ukraine, which the Ukrainian side confirms as well as third parties who conduct space surveillance over the situation in Ukraine and in its airspace.

To establish the truth, it is necessary to objectively and impartially investigate all the circumstances of the destruction of the Malaysian Boeing 777, to interview the thousands of citizens who may have seen something. Naturally, experienced professionals should conduct the surveys. To ask the right questions – this is a rigorous science, and a great art in advancing the truth. Important information is contained in the wreckage of the aircraft and the remains of the dead, but this precise information is easy to destroy, distort and hide. And there are plenty of parties interested in concealing the real facts. As confirmation, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Belgium and Australia signed an agreement on August 8 providing that information about the crash investigation would be disclosed only upon the consent of all parties. “The investigation is ongoing, [utilizing] expertise and other investigative actions” – announced the Spokesman of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, Yuri Boychenko. “The results will be announced at the conclusion of the investigation and with the consent of all parties that have executed the agreement.”

Procrastination and the evasion of an objective investigation by all sides, with the participation of prestigious international organizations, raises doubts whether the concerned parties will make public the true circumstances surrounding the crash of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777.

Did you get that?  “Ukraine, the Netherlands, Belgium and Australia signed an agreement on August 8 providing that information about the crash investigation would be disclosed only upon the consent of all parties”.  Considering that ‘all parties’ could not reach an agreement to even investigate the crash in a timely manner, nor extract debris or remains, how in the name of Hades will they ever agree to disclose what they discover?  Was this an agreement made in order to guarantee that the disclosure will never happen?

Reading between the lines, someone ordered this act of terrorism to take place, and it wasn’t Russia, and it wasn’t the easy-to-blame ‘pro-Russian-separatists’, although it is almost certain that all parties involved in the act or in the investigation (or cover-up, if you will) know more than has been disclosed.  So, a Russian-built military jet fighter operated by, maybe the Ukrainian air forces (?), was ordered to engage a civilian Boeing 777 from the front and shoot the shit out of the cockpit, then re-engage from the rear and shoot the shit out of the passenger cabin with a combination of machine gun and air-air missile/s.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: As stated right at the start, this report was sourced, with thanks, from The Oceania Saker and has been posted here in part with their permission.  Please go there to read the summary and download the full report to read it all for yourself.

I leave that with you.


8 thoughts on “MH17 Crash Analysis, by The Russian Union Of Engineers

  1. I’m of the opinion that MH 370 is sitting just off the tarmac on Diego Garcia Island. However, you make a good point. The report I read maintains that the planes fuselage (MH17) was shot to shit by strafing fire and not missile shrapnel. The radar data confirms that MH17 was being tailed by Ukrainian jets. Also that MH17 was ordered to fly in different air space than what the pilots of MH17 had logged. The dumb ass Ukrainians shot MH17 down under orders by US/NATO.
    Malaysia has been on US/NATO shit lists ever since they held their war crimes tribunals and found that Bushco and Tony Bliar ARE guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity.
    I do hope that Vladimir Putin plants the smackdown on Tony Abbott at the upcoming G20 soiree. Unrelated issue sort of…

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    1. I’ve been a bit keen on the Diego Garcia option since shortly after MH370 went AWOL. It’s an intriguing theory, that opens up a whole host of uncomfortable questions.
      Once that plane is ‘finished with’, though, what to do with it?
      The easy answer is to use it in some terrorist attack, but then everyone would be asking, “which plane was that? Who were the passengers? Where did it take off from?” etc., etc.
      Although logistically difficult, wouldn’t it be convenient to substitute one plane for the missing plane, and then make that go down in a ball of flames?
      The one thing that sticks with me is those initial and unconfirmed reports of some of the MH17 passenger bodies, supposedly drained of blood and significantly more decomposed than they should have been for such a ‘fresh’ incident.
      As I always say on this topic (and many others), now that the whole thing has been so muddled and mixed-up, we will probably never know the real truth. It’s a great way to keep people debating a topic without ever being able to adequately prove any one theory over another.
      I too look forward to a 6th dan black-belt judo master taking abbott to the ground within 2 seconds!

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      1. Today’s modern ruling elite do so using obfuscation that has been refined to surgical precision. Of course it is oh so easy to confuse the already confused. I’m hoping that should Abbott get in Putin’s face, Vlad gives the Aussie pelican a heart punch. Damn, would that go viral in about a blink or what…

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  2. Thanks for bringing this to Tubularsock’s attention. There is so much information pointing to what the Russians have brought forth but you know as well as I do that the evidence will be distorted to the point that ONLY Russia could have done it. As for the MH-17 and MH-370 being the same plane ……… well Tubularsock really doesn’t think so. But to create this entire idea as a diversion would fit rather well …….. it worked for confusing 911 with a lot of crap
    diversion. It’s standard operating procedure of the power structure.

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    1. You’re welcome, and thanks for reading.
      So what does Tubularsock think the fate of MH370 was, or is? Is Tubularsock a subscriber to the Indian Ocean secret military base theory also? And why can’t it be both? All part of some grand operation to acquire some advanced semi-conductor technology, punish Malaysia, aggravate tensions in Ukraine, divert attention from Gaza, and start a bit of World War 3, all with not too much effort – maybe.
      Yes, confusion, diversion and disinformation, all in the name of keeping dirty secrets a secret – it is indeed the normal modus operandi…


  3. Who knows. This is a scary new conflict born from a younger generations honest desire for a better future. What we have now is brutal Russian, business as usual. We are back to the 1950s cold war.

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