I asked a ‘serious’ question over at Gibber Jabberin, and seem to have received nothing but derision and some (quite frankly) really bad answers.

One of the most offensive answers implies that my name is somehow causing the weather to oppose my intentions.  Like the Universe is some sort of reverse-echo disappointment machine.

Offensive (but not really), I tell ya.

Oh well, I guess that’s life.

So, go check out my question and the horrific list of ‘answers’, at >>>>>


5 thoughts on “Seriously…

    1. It wasn’t me! – my personal cloud is very small and confined to my own personal airspace.

      If you don’t like the rain, you could relocate to California – I hear it’s quite dry in those parts…

      In the interests of making the appropriate entity claim responsibility for their varying degrees of inaction on climate things, I provide the following:

      Please direct all invoices for weather-related disturbances to your lifestyle to:

      Parliament House
      ACT 2600

      Invoices will be processed when the 2014 Federal Budget becomes an actual thing.

      Good luck!


      1. Lifestyle??? I don’t choose to be weather affected. I have no choice in the matter! I was born affected by the weather!!!
        Darn conservative governments.

        (I really hope this joke translates…)


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