Hey, You Can’t Sell That!

  Privatisation (or privatization, for my North American friends) – it’s one of my pet hates. You cannot sell that which does not belong to you.  But that simple little rule of life is chucked out the window when you’re a government looking for some quick cash. In Australia, as elsewhere I’m sure, there has been a long list of companies and assets that belonged to the whole country, under the ‘management’ of the government of the time.  From the poles and wires of our national electricity grid, to the power stations that fed them; to toll roads (another of … Continue reading Hey, You Can’t Sell That!


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“The” Prime Minister of Aussielandia and that would be one Tony Abbott, is going to smack Vladimir Putin square in his (Putin’s) face. I’ll bet you did not know that PM Tony was a bad ass. Please to see the link here – http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/australians-were-murdered–i-am-going-to-shirtfront-mr-putin-20141013-3hxbc.html I hope the world’s media concerns have cameras rolling and record for posterity Abbott’s utterly ridiculous bravado and Abbott’s picking himself up off the ground after he gets his very stupid if not demagogue ass cold-cocked by President Putin. You see, Abbott evidently missed the cold case memo that… Continue reading abbottism


I asked a ‘serious’ question over at Gibber Jabberin, and seem to have received nothing but derision and some (quite frankly) really bad answers. One of the most offensive answers implies that my name is somehow causing the weather to oppose my intentions.  Like the Universe is some sort of reverse-echo disappointment machine. Offensive (but not really), I tell ya. Oh well, I guess that’s life. So, go check out my question and the horrific list of ‘answers’, at >>>>> Seriously…. Continue reading Seriously…